School's Out: Rainbow Health Ontario & the Trans PULSE Project

The idea was that a study capable of producing statistics and other empirically grounded information could be used as a way to get more funding for existing services and in the creation of new services for trans people. Of course Scanlon and Travers already knew there was a pressing need for better... Read more »

School's Out: Of Sexts and Sex Textbooks

What do you think? Is it more important to adhere to laws that draw the age of minority at 18 for the protection of young people? Or to allow people under the age of 18 to participate in research about their own sexual health that concerns the erotic materials that they access and make? Read more »

School's Out: Giving Our Schools Some Homework

I just read an article in the most recent Curve magazine issue (which was themed around the concept of lesbian families) called “Back to School: How to Choose an LGBT-positive school for your child.” This article was mostly written... Read more »

School's Out: Family Matters: Lessons from Reconciling Radical Politics with Not-So-Radical Loved Ones

This post is about exclusion and the ethics of disagreement. Not exclusion by a dominant society of marginalized populations, but rather the selective practices of alliance and exclusion in anti-oppressive political circles. The theme I want to use to think through these questions is one of... Read more »

School's Out: What *Does* a Feminist Look Like? Teaching Boys About Feminism

My position right now is that it’s crucial that as we work to produce ourselves and others as people with critical consciousness—especially in schools, and not just in Women’s and Gender Studies classes—and that a feminist consciousness is a vital part of that for people of all genders... Read more »

School's Out: Looks Ain't Everything, But it Ain't Wrong to Look

If I could time travel without, like, disrupting the space-time continuum, one of the many things I would tell a younger me would be that: It’s not the interest in appearance that’s wrong, it’s how you do it. Fascination with the visual is something as broad as the history of... Read more »

School's Out: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I’m an affectionate person, almost everyone I’ve dated or been friends with commenting on that. But whenever I am out in public with my fiancée, I become self-consciously affectionate. Not because I’m concerned about what nasty thoughts people might think about seeing such... Read more »

School's Out: Gender Bending and Gender Blending

We’re elaborately taught how to relate to ourselves as gendered beings. It’s been a long time that people have been building on the critical observation that there’s no natural connection between pink/girl or boy/blue, yet kids continue... Read more »

School's Out: Asexy Teens

A few posts ago, in Slut Shaming and the Empowered Young Woman, one reader commented on the way that asexuality is written out of a lot of the most visible debates on what it means to be mature, empowered, and sexually self-aware. She... Read more »

School's Out: Teaching Homosexuality?

After seeing the headline “Catholic School Board Raises Concerns Over Teaching Homosexuality in School” the other day, I got to thinking that there’s still a lot of confusion about “inclusive” education. Teaching homosexuality!? What exactly does that mean? Here’s my take on the... Read more »