Election 2016

Who Are the Women Behind the Trump and Clinton Campaigns?

Both campaigns employ women as their go-to media spokespeople. Read more »

Newspapers Herald Hillary's Historic Nomination by Running Photos of Her Husband

“Clinton claims nomination” reads the headline above a photo of Bill. Read more »

What’s the Republican Recruitment Strategy? Racism, Plain and Simple

Trump’s nomination is the result of decades of race-baiting by the GOP. Read more »

Dear Hillary - Please Don't Pick Tim Kaine As Your VP

He’s against full abortion rights. Clinton should be reaching out to the liberal base, not trying to win over conservatives.   Read more »

Who Did a Fox News Exec Turn to for Advice on Sexual Harassment Scandal? Donald Trump

After Gretchen Carlson filed suit against Fox executive Roger Ailes, sources say he turned to an old buddy for strategy. Read more »

Clinton Campaigners Use Pokémon Go to Lure Unregistered Voters

Hunting for Charizard, unregistered voters cross paths with canvassers.  Read more »

To the Woman Protecting Indiana from Mike Pence: Thank You!

One judge has blocked unconstitutional laws banning refugees and making abortions much more difficult to obtain.  Read more »

If the Country Was Run Like Trump University, We’d Be Screwed

Predatory for-profit colleges target women and people of color, then usually leave them heavily in debt.  Read more »

Don't Think the Supreme Court Matters? Think Again.

The justices may seem remote and erudite—but their rulings shape Americans' day-to-day lives. Read more »

Don’t Dab for Me, Hillary Clinton

I don’t reckon a Democratic candidate can abide an unenthused Black, female electorate. Read more »