"I Don’t Have to Kiss Everyone’s Ass": Interview with Metric's Emily Haines

“There’s a coldness even in the name of our band to sort of balance the fact that we are going to pour our hearts into it. The whole thing is protection,” says Emily Haines, the singer and songwriter behind Metric, as we spoke just as she... Read more »

BitchTapes: Women-Made Electronica Playlist

The history of electronic music arguably starts with the patenting of the theremin in 1928, and Clara Rockmore was there from its inception to champion the instrument as both an important technological and artistic advancement. This mix highlights the brilliant, creative women who make (and made)... Read more »

FFFFest: Friday Wrap-Up

One day down at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest! Check out coverage on YACHT, the Heartless Bastards, and the Thermals after the jump. Read more »

Electro Feminisms: So Long and Thanks For All The Beats

But sadly, there’s only so much material you can cram in to such a rich topic as women in electronic music. Read on more for some suggestions! Read more »

Electro Feminisms: Wendy Carlos

A trans woman, Wendy Carlos is unfortunate in that her most famous work Switched on Bach, which sold a million records, was released in 1968—several years before she transitioned. As a result, she... Read more »

Electro Feminisms: Kemistry and Storm, DJ Duo

DJ duos are rare, and female ones even more so, so I can’t help wondering if it was this very fact that kept drum n bass duo Kemistry and Storm working in the scene for so long. In individualistic economies that run around (male) auteur geniuses, two women perhaps have a better chance of... Read more »

Electro Feminisms: Delia Derbyshire

Working with early synths, tape loops and found sounds, Delia Derbyshire created unique, groundbreaking music through the ’60s and early ’70s. In her hands, anything could be musical, and it... Read more »

Electro Feminisms: Pink Noises

To hear some critics tell it, women have been largely bystanders and groupies in electronic music. Tara Rodgers’ Pink Noises steps into this void to talk to 24 female DJs, producers, composers,... Read more »

Electro Feminisms: Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien is a German producer, DJ, singer and label owner, familiar to anyone who follows the worlds of house and techno. She was resident at famed Berlin techno club Tresor in 1992, and has started two labels (Braincandy and BPitch Control) as well as releasing some acclaimed experimental... Read more »

Electro Feminisms: M.I.A and Diplo, Taking Credit

One of the things that’s really persistent in electronic music is the idea of female artists as proteges, molded, shaped by a man behind the scenes. As Joanna Russ detailed in... Read more »