Family Guy

Thinking Kink: Safewords

In light of the Daniel Tosh firestorm this week, I probably don’t need to make the point that joking about sexual abuse is harmful, not funny. However, in the context of kink, a subculture that’s already too often treated with mocking or irreverence, it’s worth restating. Safewords are necessary, non-negotiable, and not a joke.

Douchebag Decree: Douchebag Roundup

So many douchebags, so little time. This week, there were a number of worthy contenders, so let’s take a look at them, shall we? Read more »

TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics' Closing Ceremonies

Today, I conclude my comparative review of South Park and Family Guy. This is the last part of a four-part series (one, two,... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics: Family Guy

My affection for shows like King of the Hill and the Simpsons (the kind of shows that Family Guy half-heartedly rips off) grows the more I watch it and the better I know the characters, the setting, the style of humor. With Family Guy, though, I just grow irritated and bored. Read more »

TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics: South Park

Image description: Cartman of South Park with messy hair in orange holding a CD reading "Slayer". Today, in my effort to compare and measure just how guilty I should feel for laughing at Family Guy and South Park, I'... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics - South Park vs. Family Guy

Image: Cartman looks angrily at the camera in front of a tank full of manatees and balls. Both South Park and Family Guy have issues. But which privilege do they insist upon most thoroughly? At what rate do these shows oppress which bodies, and in what... Read more »

TelevIsm: Family Guy's Racist Emmy Campaign

Ugh. Family Guy. It's a terrible, terrible show in my opinion. I still watch it regularly, out of long-held habit. But it's just. It's lazy, it's aesthetically not pleasing. It's not very funny. And it's offensive on an consistent, regular basis. But for some reason, folks really like it, and... Read more »

TelevIsm: Not Just A Joke

So, what exactly does a joke at the expense of marginalized bodies look like? Read on to see what I think, or see above. Read more »

Family Guy: Reaching new transmisogynistic lows

I like cartoons, and watch several less-than-feminist animated series, but as far as Family Guy goes, I watched my last episode years ago, fed up with its recycled gags and the way it confused political incorrectness with edgy humor (has somone already made the joke “So crass, so old” about Fox... Read more »

TelevIsm: Shh, It's On!

Hi there! I'm Rachel McCarthy James. In most internet-type contexts I go by RMJ. I write and edit the recently-revived feminist blog Deeply Problematic, and I'm here to talk to y'all about some TELEVISION. Read on for some thoughts about... Read more »

Fox Won't Air Family Guy Abortion Episode -- What Do You Think?

Image via starstore The Seth MacFarlane creation that is “Family Guy” has built a reputation on poking animated fun at... Read more »