The Family Values Issue

#ItHappenedToUs: How Chosen Families support Queer Survivors of Sexual Assault

When I was sexually assaulted, it didn’t just happen to me, it happened to us. 

BitchTapes: The Family Way

Singer-songwriter Laura Gibson turned in a thoughtful, multi-faceted playlist for our Family Values issue. Read more »

S∆MMUS Gives Us Unapologetic #BlackGirlMagic on “Pieces in Space”

When the trolls come for Sammus, she blasts them to another galaxy with her canon. Read more »

Jew Kid on the Block: From Aspirational to Political—Becoming the Feminist Jewish Mother I Want to See in the World

Aspiration is no longer enough to anchor me. But what will this new identity look like? Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: Qiu Jin

I’d like to think that Qiu Jin would appreciate being claimed and recognized as part of our heroic queer history. Read more »

Austra Calls Out White Supremacy On “Future Politics”

Future Politics reaches into hearts, minds, and bodies, and doesn’t easily let go of any of it. Read more »

Bad Nerves: “Hi, Anxiety” Gives Voice To a Debilitating Invisible Disease

Hi, Anxiety offers insight into the ways anxiety tries to crush those in its clutches, and the beautiful and strange ways they bloom into being in spite of it. Read more »

Alicia Keys Finally Finds Her True Self On “Here”

On her sixth studio album, Here, Alicia Keys steps fully into her spiritual, political, and socially conscious self. Read more »

“Abandon Me” Highlights How Abuse Hides In Queer Relationships

Abandon Me proves unequivocally that there must be room in the literary canon for the complexity of women’s stories on erotic fixation and loss. Read more »

Awe and Horror: Vocífera Make Rage Sound Like Triumph On “Evil Thoughts”

Vocífera luxuriates in the paradigm that metal has always upheld—badness can be goodness, and chaos can code as beauty. Read more »

Bad Math: The Economics of Deportation Don’t Add Up

This article appears in our 2017 Spring issue, Family Values. Subscribe today! Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump promised to round up and deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States. The issue of immigration is nonpartisan: President Obama has... Read more »