In Real Life, as in Disney's Brave, Some Choose Horses over Husbands.

Growing up in 4-H, I heard the joke often: girls would rather give up boys than our ponies. When women talk about horses, they often speak of freedom and power, of connectivity and understanding, of trust—often using the same language we use when we discuss intimate relationships with humans. Read more »

What Happens When Your Son Falls in Love with a "Girly" Book Series?

It doesn’t take a skilled gender detective to deduce the target audience of the Rainbow Magic books for early readers. These wildly popular books feature covers that literally... Read more »

Guy Who Wore a “Pregnancy Suit” Expects Us to be Impressed. Sorry, Dude.

Last week, novelist Benjamin Percy was interviewed on the TODAY show about his experience of being “man pregnant.” Percy wore a Japanese-engineered pregnancy suit for nine... Read more »

The Office and The Feminine Mystique

On the sitcom The Office, as in real life, middle class working mothers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They often face the choice of either compromising their career—working part-time or quitting altogether—or feeling like an absent mother. Men, on the other hand,... Read more »

Food, Family, and Identity: Q&A with Author of New Memoir Licking the Spoon

There’s a difficult scene in toward the beginning of Candace Walsh’s memoir, Licking The Spoon, where five-year-old Walsh is essentially force-fed her dinner amidst tears, gagging, and vomit. This particularly heartbreaking image... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Ginia Bellafante, Hater of all Non-Moms

The most frustrating about ... Read more »

Mama: Ghoulish Horror Meets Maternal Self-Sacrifice

I believe this movie stirred something in me. Perhaps the feelings I had for my ‘97 sea foam Geo Metro? That was a similarly creaky and stressful thing that I’d have preferred to chop up for parts. For good or for bad, Mama opens with a far more chilling scene than any of the film... Read more »

Suburban Teen Girls Draft a List of their Favorite Feminist Celebrities

I’m a feminist and a high school English teacher in the south suburbs of Chicago. Last year, one of the students in my class was inspired to start a group for girls at our school and approached me about sponsoring it. Of course I agreed! A few weeks ago, we tackled the topic of positive... Read more »

What's a "Real Mom," Elizabeth Banks?

Actress Elizabeth Banks inserted her foot far back into the reaches of her mouth recently while discussing motherhood with People magazine. The Hunger Games star shared her thoughts on becoming... Read more »

Lady Liquor: Race, Femininity, and Moral Panics In History

In my last post, I wrote about (relatively) recent moral panics and the way they fixate on the foolish, experimental or wholly fabricated hedonism of teenagers or young adults. For this post, let’s take a brief look at some of the notable, intoxication-related moral panics of the past. Read more »


What I Learned About Gender and Power from Sailor Moon

My life began in 1995 — the year I turned eight and became a divorced kid.    Read more »

Tina Belcher's Sexual Revolution

Tina Belcher breaks all the rules of network sitcoms. That's why she's wonderful.  Read more »