"Girls Deserve to See Themselves as Main Characters."

When I asked Bitch readers how you find great feminist-friendly children’s literature, multiple people sung the praises of one online purveyor of books, movies, TV programs,... Read more »

How "The Great Gatsby" Fears the Flapper.

Have you heard? There’s a new swell in town named Gatsby, and he’s bringing flapper flair back into fashion. Read more »

Cheering On Project Runway's Native Designer Patricia Michaels

This season Project Runway welcomed its first-ever Native American designer, textile artist Patricia Michaels. The show raps up tonight and the Taos, New Mexico designer is one of the... Read more »

Is the Fashion Industry a Hot Mess?

It’s no wonder that there’s a spot for Gossip Girl’s Blair in the competitive world of fashion: she’s the daughter of the creator of Waldorf Designs, she attended an elite private school where she gained connections to high society, and her family has no shortage of... Read more »

Opening Frida's Closet: An Exhibition of Kahlo's Clothing Reveals Fierce Feminism

An exhibition in Mexico City showcases the wardrobe of one of the art world’s most beloved feminist icons. Read more »

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Fashion Forward Edition!

Buying a gift for a fashionista can be one tough nut to crack.  Do you want to dazzle and impress, but have no idea what the difference between a cowl neck and a crew neck is?  Are you as ensembly challenged as Amber from Clueless?  Fear not!  Here at Bitch, we understand that navigating... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Crip Couture

Chicago-based artist Sandie Yi is the virtuoso behind Crip Couture, an avant-garde wearable art project for disabled people seeking to redefine constricting standards of beauty, agency and “normalcy.” Yi transforms... Read more »

About Face: HBO's Documentary on Aging Supermodels is Only Skin Deep

Last night I pried myself away from the hot bodies of the London Games to watch a documentary about a different group of people who make their living with their hot bodies: supermodels. Timothy Greenfield Sanders’ feature-length HBO film ... Read more »

Bridal Party: Tale of a Tomboy Bride

As a tomboy bride, I BARELY wanted to wear a dress, let alone something that looked like to me like a cupcake.  The wedding industry, and pop culture in general, is so bossy about what everyone’s experience of gender is. Hey, Wedding Crap Culture! Not everyone is a pile of... Read more »

Overdressed: Elizabeth Cline on Fast Fashion, Overconsumption, and What We Can Do About It

If you’ve ever felt disturbed by how cheap the tank tops were at H&M—but bought one anyway—you’re not alone. In her illuminating new book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, Elizabeth Cline writes that the... Read more »