Tales From The Crip: Crip Couture

Chicago-based artist Sandie Yi is the virtuoso behind Crip Couture, an avant-garde wearable art project for disabled people seeking to redefine constricting standards of beauty, agency and “normalcy.” Yi transforms... Read more »

About Face: HBO's Documentary on Aging Supermodels is Only Skin Deep

Last night I pried myself away from the hot bodies of the London Games to watch a documentary about a different group of people who make their living with their hot bodies: supermodels. Timothy Greenfield Sanders’ feature-length HBO film ... Read more »

Bridal Party: Tale of a Tomboy Bride

As a tomboy bride, I BARELY wanted to wear a dress, let alone something that looked like to me like a cupcake.  The wedding industry, and pop culture in general, is so bossy about what everyone’s experience of gender is. Hey, Wedding Crap Culture! Not everyone is a pile of... Read more »

Overdressed: Elizabeth Cline on Fast Fashion, Overconsumption, and What We Can Do About It

If you’ve ever felt disturbed by how cheap the tank tops were at H&M—but bought one anyway—you’re not alone. In her illuminating new book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, Elizabeth Cline writes that the... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: American Apparel and Target: Hypocrite Corporations Using LGBTQ Pride to Make Money

American Apparel and Target you have earned our Douchebag Decree for trying to coporatize LGBTQ Pride although you have been anti-inclusive and homophobic. While Pride might only happen every June, it takes more than a recognition one month out of the year to truly be a company that cares about... Read more »

End of Gender: Pink For Boys? Why "Sex-Appropriate" Colors Are Arbitrary

Back in the day, infants of all genders wore white frocks—white, because it could be bleached of any infant spewage, and frocks, because it’s easier to wriggle a baby into a dress than into britches. ... Read more »

Not Buying It: 10 TV Shows Ranked by Wardrobe Believability

There are plenty of shows on television right whose characters sport highly realistic wardrobes, and there are just as many that definitely don’t. I crowdsourced (read: asked people on Facebook and... Read more »

End of Gender: Urban Outfitters' Epic Fail

This week Urban Outfitters added yet another epic fail to the clothing company’s laundry list of misdeeds by selling a transphobic greeting card. Using our bodies to get a laugh is just mean. Since UO has previously used our bodies as clothing racks from which to swipe our paisley shirts and... Read more »

The End of Gender: The Beginning of the End

Last June, NPR reported that the “end of gender” was near, citing everything from gender-neutral prom courts to clothing ads to suggest that perhaps people aren’t so hung up on the male/female gender binary anymore. But despite the growing trend of gender neutrality, the response to... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Forever 21 Hates Your Knees

Not content to just Photoshop its models to look thinner and younger, megaretailer Forever 21 is now airbrushing out their kneecaps. Kneecaps! Sooo gross right? Read more »