Articles published in the print Bitch magazine issue, Food. Check out the complete table of contents for the issue here.

Growing Pains: Why Labor is the Real Food Movement We Should be Paying Attention To

Laborers—often migrant laborers—work long hours without access to basic employment protections.

And She Was: The story of the greatest girl group you've never heard of

When I ask Sally Ross-Moore if she and her sister Nancy were “rebellious” teenagers, she lets out a low, knowing chuckle. “We were,” she says. For a minute it sounds like she might elaborate, but instead she trails off, lost in a hazy, private memory of the band that she and... Read more »

Eating Out: Real talk with Meaty's Samantha Irby

While on her way to get cheeseburgers with a friend, Samantha Irby decided to start a blog, mostly to impress a dude she had just met on the Internet. Since she was at that very moment loosening her belt to accommodate said cheeseburgers, she decided to call her new blog Bitches Gotta Eat. Four... Read more »

Steamed Up: The slow-roasted sexism of specialty coffee.

If you’re like many Americans of late, you’re steering clear of large chain coffee shops in favor of smaller, independent spots where the barista can tell you the names of both the farm your coffee beans came from and the person who roasted them. As opposed to mass-production chain and... Read more »

Craving the Other: One woman's beef with cultural appropriation and food

For a long time, Vietnamese food made me uncomfortable. It was brothy, weirdly fishy, and full of the gross animal parts that other people didn’t seem to want. It was too complicated. I wanted the straightforward, prefabricated snacks that I saw on television: Bagel Bites, Pop-Tarts, chicken... Read more »

Food From the Cusps: A Q&A with Kay Ulanday Barrett

Image courtesy of Visibility Project. Kay Ulanday Barrett is a spoken-word artist, poet, performer, and activist who has engaged in collaborations with a number of righteous organizations for racial and gender justice, including the Brown Boi Project and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. But if there... Read more »

Interview with Kathleen Hanna on the Strength it Takes to Get On Stage

The Julie Ruin just about burned down the stage at Portland's Time Based Arts festival last Thursday night. The group kicked off the... Read more »