Craving the Other: One woman's beef with cultural appropriation and food

For a long time, Vietnamese food made me uncomfortable. It was brothy, weirdly fishy, and full of the gross animal parts that other people didn’t seem to want. It was too complicated. I wanted the straightforward, prefabricated snacks that I saw on television: Bagel Bites, Pop-Tarts, chicken... Read more »

Food From the Cusps: A Q&A with Kay Ulanday Barrett

This article appears in our 2014 Winter issue, Food. Subscribe today! Kay Ulanday Barrett is a spoken-word artist, poet, performer, and activist who has engaged in collaborations with a number of righteous organizations for racial and gender justice, including the Brown Boi Project and the... Read more »

In New Book "Defiant Daughters," 21 Women Write About Vegans, Meat, and Feminism

Our ethical decisions are our own. But Defiant Daughters, the new anthology of feminist food politics out this spring from ... Read more »

SNAP Judgment: Why No Food Stamps for Felons is a Bad Idea

When Sara Kruzan was seventeen, she was convicted of first-degree murder of a man who had subjected her to sexual abuse and forced prostitution. Earlier this month—18 years after her conviction—the ... Read more »

Popaganda Episode: The Dinner Party, Featuring Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Feast on feminist art and food politics! The first course of this Popaganda episode savors artist Judy Chicago's influential work The Dinner Party with author Jane Gerhard, then gets a taste of modern feminist... Read more »

Food, Family, and Identity: Q&A with Author of New Memoir Licking the Spoon

There’s a difficult scene in toward the beginning of Candace Walsh’s memoir, Licking The Spoon, where five-year-old Walsh is essentially force-fed her dinner amidst tears, gagging, and vomit. This particularly heartbreaking image... Read more »

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Foodies Edition

Bitch in a Box, Foodies Edition is here to help you holiday shop for all those people in our life who love making, eating, and taking photos of food. Read more »

BitchTapes: Who's Hungry? (Part III)

For Part III of Who's Hungry?, we're serving up a proper five-course feast. Get ready to dig in as we present some of the best food songs out there. Read more »

Bon Appetit! 100 Years of Julia Child

Today would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Though the legendary cook, author, and pop culture personality died in 2004, her delicious (feminist!) legacy lives on. Happy Birthday! Photo by Arnold Newman/Getty Images Read more »

Fertile Ground: Ecofeminism Needs Fighters

So what is an eco-minded feminist to do amidst this world of depressing destruction? All I can advise is this: Get out there. Educate yourself. Do something and know you did that something. Read more »