The Games We Play: The Spirit Within

Now that I have showered some well-deserved praise on BioWare for Dragon Age II, and also engaged in the almost 60 hours that it took me to get to the bitter and mind-wrenchingly disturbing end, I have a few thoughts. For all of my waxing poetic about how fabulously progressive BioWare has... Read more »

SXSW Interactive: Racism, Avatars, and Identity Online

One of the most interesting panels I went to at SXSW was E-Race: Avatars, Anonymity, and Visualization of Identity on the Internet. It included Lisa Nakamura, Director of Asian-American Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana... Read more »

The Games We Play: The Straight Male Gamer's Privilege

The Dragon Age games are some of my favorites, and while they are not without flaw, I have played my money’s worth of them for sure. Part of what has... Read more »

The Games We Play: What Are You Playing?

Gaming is interactive, and I would like to hit the pause menu and turn back to all of you, the faithful who have come ‘round to engage me in these discussions (don’t worry, I won’t let the Deamons’ Souls get you, this pause works, go answer your phone!). Consider this the cut... Read more »

The Games We Play: Access This

People with disabilities have long had difficulty accessing video games for various reasons and with varying degrees of limited accommodations. Game play details ranging from color schemes in darker settings to story lines and fight scenes that can overwhelm cognitive understanding have left many... Read more »

The Games We Play: Hardcore vs. Casual

The concern that casual games are going to ruin the gaming market plays on a couple of assumptions: 1) That “hardcore” means “difficult,” something that only a veteran gamer of many years should be able to play intuitively, and should only appeal to that certain narrow demographic. 2) That hardcore... Read more »

The Games We Play: Playing with Anna Collier

I wanted to make sure that my voice wasn’t the only one droning at you during this series, so I bestowed some fangirl love upon some prominent pro-gamers in exchange... Read more »

The Games We Play: Pwn Anonymous, with Love

You can’t see me! Ha! The Age of the Internet has brought many advances in the way that we play games. It usually breaks down into three... Read more »

The Games We Play: With All Due Respect

If you are a service member on deployment or stationed overseas you may find yourself limited in the ways that you are able to spend your free time. You could spend... Read more »

The Games We Play: On the <em>Homefront</em>

Kaos’ Homefront starts with a very real line of succession, Kim Jong-Un, the actual named successor to DPRK’s current dictator. Dave Votypka from Kaos describes the two Koreas as the fourth... Read more »


Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse... and How We Can Stop It

You're a Bolshevik feminist jewess that hates white people… and you expect to be taken seriously when you're “critique-ing” ...

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