The Genesis Issue

Ain't I a Mommy?: Bookstores Brim with Motherhood Memoirs. Why Are So Few of Them Penned by Women of Color?

Shortly before the birth of my first child nine years ago, while browsing the bookstore for mommy wisdom, I discovered Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year and fell in love with the author and the book. More than any parenting truisms the book might have contained, it was Lamott's writing style—funny, self-deprecating, and brutally honest—that kept me reading. The big mommy insight I gleaned from Operating Instructions was that I wasn't quite as neurotic as Anne, so my kid and I would probably be all right. 
 This was the only book of its type that I read all the way through back then because, like a copy of a copy, subsequent mommy memoirs just weren't as sharp. I found them to be one-note and lacking in whatever essential...

Factory Girl: Dora the Explorer and the Dirty Secrets of the Global Industrial Economy

Dora the Explorer, eponymous Latina star of the animated Nickelodeon series, is a bilingual problem solver who confidently traverses unknown territory in every episode. In “City of Lost Toys,” a typical episode, Dora sets out to find her missing teddy bear, Osito, and other toys her friends have... Read more »