New Hannah Arendt Film is a Gem

I can often gauge the quality of a film by the length of time I sit at its closure reading the credits. When a film is great, I want to make sure that every person with a hand in the film was rightfully recognized. After director Margarethe von Trotta’s new release Hannah Arendt, I sat in the theater until there were no more names to read. New German Cinema heavyweight director von Trotta turns a biographical lens toward the lauded German-American political theorist Hannah Arendt. This informative, lively film manages to not stray into being too sentimental as it follows Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) through the Nazi trial that influenced her life’s work.  The film explores how this political theorist became the subject of both controversy and accolades in dark...

Germany in Uproar over Political Profile that Calls Out Sexism

In many ways Germany is not an unprogressive state. People are free to elect, choose and live whatever they want. We have a female chancellor and a gay minister for foreign affairs. People were even supportive of ... Read more »

B-Sides: Video Dance Party!

As much as I adore music videos at dance parties, watching choreographed dance moves on a giant screen in public typically does one of two things to me: infuses my... Read more »

A Trip Through the Blogosphere

There’s a lot of fun/interesting stuff happening in the blogosphere today! A sampling: • A great interview from The Guardian with Gabby Sidibe. Be prepared to get irritated when she talks about how everyone... Read more »

On The Map: Capitalism + Feminism = True Luv 4Eva

Is capitalism helping feminism or is feminism helping capitalism–or both? Photo credit: Glamour Read more »

Sprite Ad Is Overblown

So what do you have to do to get an ad banned in Germany? Simulate oral sex, apparently. Read more »


Coming onto the German hipster scene just one year ago, Missy Magazine looks at pop culture, fashion, art, sex, and music through a feminist lens. (Hmmm… sounds like a US-based feminist magazine I know. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.) Read more »

Literature to lose your lunch by

Upon completion of Wetlands by Charlotte Roche, two major questions remain unanswered for me. First, what is it exactly about this book that made it the first German-language book to ever become the number-one bestseller, worldwide? And second: What in the name of Mary Wollestonecraft... Read more »

What's the German word for douchebag?

What do you get when you combine a gigantic brothel, a promotional stunt, a tattoo artist, and a ton of douchebags? The answer, of course, is the recipient of this week's Ye Olde Douchebag Decree! Read more »