Remembering “Glee,” a Show That Fervently Celebrated LGBTQ Teens

Glee changed the representation game for queer kids on TV, which, in turn, changed the real-life game for queer kids off TV.

Naya Rivera Built a TV Legacy for Queer, Latinx People

“Santana validated me, and was the beginning of what led me out of the closet.” Read more »

Bristol Palin is Against Obama's Support of Gay Marriage, Blames Teen Girls and Too Much Glee

Bristol Palin has a blog post up today on Patheos about how problematic it is that Barack Obama’s... Read more »

Visi(bi)lity: Glee

I used to be a regular Glee viewer. For the first two seasons, it was possible (though not necessarily easy) for me to look past the cringe-worthy storylines and enjoy the musical sequences. But as each new episode aired, it became harder and... Read more »

School's Out: Frank Sex Talk

Discussions around sex and sexuality can sometimes be dignified by being medicalized or being couched in the terms of education. But sometimes that very frankness makes these discussions culturally unacceptable, even alongside completely normalized images of sexualized bodies, themes of promiscuity... Read more »

School's Out: Tonight, on a Very Special Episode...

So I was watching Glee the other night, waiting desperately to see if Brittany and Santana would show some sign that they were still together. As I tried to peer into the minds of Glee’s creators and discover their subversive intent in having the lesbian character Santana... Read more »

Bringing Up Baby: Why <em>Raising Hope</em> Gives Me Hope (and <em>Modern Family</em> Doesn't)

Babies on TV serve as props for their parent’s character development. On reality TV, babies are dreams come true and cute fashion accessories (for celebrity moms) or evidence of bad behavior (teen moms). On Dexter, toddler Harrison exists solely as a plot device to anchor daddy... Read more »

We're All Mad Here: Of Course We Should Dislike This Character! She's Crazy!

One consequence of this kind of character presentation is that audience members can experience a sense of “she deserved it” when something bad happens. Take, for example, the domestic violence depicted in the Schuester kitchen, where Will grabs Terri, shoves her aggressively against a counter, and... Read more »

On Our Radar

This week has been chock-full of awesome articles and online conversations! Here’s some of what we’ve been reading: The Black Women Film Festival happens this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia! Heather at... Read more »

"On the Right Track, Baby"? Glee's Muddled Message about Difference

Group pic via On Tuesday, Glee aired their second vaguely Lady Gaga-inspired episode, “Born This Way.” Like the first, Season One... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Bret Easton Ellis

OK, we’ve published plenty of posts here on Glee and how it maybe isn’t all it... Read more »