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B-Sides: Tentative Top Ten

Tomorrow, some people from OPB’s “In House” are coming to the Bitch office to ask us about our top five favorite albums of 2009. This means that we have been spending a fair amount of time racking our brains to come up with a serviceable top five list that won’t reveal to the public radio-listening public that at least one of us (hi, that’s me) has been mostly jamming out to Linda Ronstadt records from the 70s for the past six months (I guess you can’t submit a 2009 top five list unless the albums actually came out in 2009?). At any rate, today’s B-Sides is a test run of our top five list, expanded into a top ten. Read on to give us your thoughts!

Dancing With The Stars in the Way of Control

If you tuned into Dancing With The Stars last night, you got a real (feminist?) treat – and I’m not talking about Donny Osmond’s Viennese Waltz. I’m talking about the cheesy cover of “Standing in the Way of Control” by feminist fave The... Read more »

B-Sides: New Music

BitchTapes: The Self-Esteem Awareness Month Edition

In response to a Gold’s Gym marketing campaign that declared July “Cankles Awareness Month” (WTF, douchebags?!) Imagine Today deemed August Self-Esteem Awareness Month. To celebrate, I’ve put together a few songs about... Read more »

Bitch Popaganda: Women Scorned Edition

Bitch Popaganda: It’s like The View, except we don’t get paid. Hey there, audiophiles! Time for another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in to hear Kjerstin, Annalee, and Kelsey discuss women and confessional journalism, Sarah Palin’s... Read more »

Bitch Popaganda: We Be Clubbin' Edition

It’s like The View, but less popular Welcome back to Bitch Popaganda! Join us on our second foray into the world of audio pop-culture critique as we discuss Jon & Kate Plus 8’s pending separation,... Read more »

Sound Bites

Music in short! • If you haven’t seen the Gossip’s infomercial for their upcoming album Music for Men, it’s time! (And if you haven’t seen Bitch’s infomercial, you... Read more »

BitchTapes: The Not Even Screwin' Around Edition

This edition of BitchTapes is dedicated to confidence, audacity and chutzpah. We can always use a little inspiration to hold our heads high. These tracks never fail to keep me faithful that I can conquer anything. So do what you’ve gotta do, because you can. Read more »