The Gray Issue

Articles published in the print Bitch magazine issue, Gray. Check out the complete table of contents for the issue here.

Gray Matters: How Rape in Pop Culture Became a Matter of Opinion

Time and again, we refuse to believe that people who commit sexual violence specifically get off on the lack of consent, casting them instead as “good boys” confounded by the complex rules of dating in our modern world.

Behind the Scenes: The Gray Issue's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcover

In the pages of our new fall issue, Gray, we celebrate the spectrum of thinking in the gray areas—where complex logic is key to understanding nuanced issues “from science to sports to smut,” as we wrote in our call for pitches. What you see here is the... Read more »

Laughing It Off: What Happens When Women Tell Rape Jokes?

When the oppressed joke about their oppression, different rules apply.  Read more »

Back in Black: Can Hollywood’s New Black List Change the Industry?

It’s more than just a wish list. It’s an insight into the workings of powerful entertainment circles and a harbinger of what we can expect to see in both movie theaters and the pop culture zeitgeist. Read more »

Safe Words: The history of anti-abuse activism in BDSM

This article appears in our 2013 Fall issue, Gray. Subscribe today! For years I would jokingly explain to my confused, nonkinky friends that the site FetLife “is just Facebook for us perverts.” Then, in the summer of 2012, I began seeing FetLife’s name in the headlines of blogs that for the... Read more »

Helen Thomas, Off the Record: A Few Opinions from the First Lady of the Press

Helen Thomas had come of age at a time when the thought of a little girl growing up to be a newspaperwoman was unimaginable. Read more »