Don’t Believe in Sex-Ed? Read the Terrifyingly Misinformed Questions Tweens ask Kotex.

Since it debuted in 2011, the U by Kotex brand of pads and tampons (aimed at pre-teens) has made its mark with funny commercials and frank talk about periods. But recently, Kotex has decided to launch a part of their site that addresses... Read more »

Ms. Opinionated: All the Advice You Asked For, and Some You Didn't

Welcome to the latest installment of Ms. Opinionated, in which readers have questions about the pesky day-to-day choices we all face, and I give advice about how to make ones that (hopefully) best reflect our shared commitment to feminist values—as well as advice on what to do when they don’... Read more »

Lady Liquor: I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough!

Stories of self-censorship in the media are sadly common; here’s one that’s relevant to what I tried to do with this series. Years ago, Barry Lopez addressed an environmental philosophy class at my alma mater and I cornered him later to ask him some questions about journalism. He said... Read more »

Lady Liquor: The Racial Implications of the “Disease” Model of Alcoholism

Genetic explanations for alcoholism tend to reinforce preexisting stereotypes about race. Read more »

Lady Liquor: Drinking Diaries and Women's Self-Judgment

At least half – if not two-thirds – of the essays in Drinking Diaries (a newly published book spawned by the blog of the same name) are downers. That stands to reason: alcohol is a... Read more »

Lady Liquor: Does everybody get stoned? And if they do, what does that mean?

Some animals with behavior issues really respond to SSRIs, and while that’s a whole other can of, uh, worms (worms with rudimentary pleasure centers!) – it turns out some animals really like to trip. West African elephants regularly eat the bark of the iboga tree, which has been used by... Read more »

Lady Liquor: Gendering Codependency in When a Man Loves a Woman

When a Man Loves a Woman opens with one of the oddest (and, frankly, creepiest) meet-cutes I have ever seen in a movie: Alice (Meg Ryan), sitting at a bar in broad daylight (it looks like she’s just finished lunch), already wincing at unwanted attention from the guy sitting to her... Read more »

Enough about Saving the Boobs. What about Saving Women's Lives?

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the porn site is promising to donate money for every 30 “boob videos” viewed on its website during October. Perhaps the most craven example of pinkwashing yet, a visit to reveals that the site’s logo has been decked... Read more »

Five Things Republicans Can Learn about Health Policy from Call the Midwife

Have you see Call the Midwife? The hour-long PBS drama follows a group of young midwives in London’s East End in the 1950s, led by a convent of Anglican nursing nuns, the Sisters of St. Raymond Nonnatus. The show’s premise offers an opportunity to examine reproductive health... Read more »

Fertile Ground: Bloody Ecofeminism

There are a lot of simple ways to try and prevent toxins from being absorbed into your body. Everything from new clothes to drugstore make-up to regular deodorant carries toxins, and your skin, which happens to be the largest eliminating organ your body has, absorbs all that it comes in contact... Read more »


Critical Conditions: For Trans Individuals, Seeking Medical Care Can Be a Minefield

When trans individuals encounter the medical system, they're often met with discrimination and misunderstanding. Read more »