Sm{art}: 5 Menstrual Blood Artists/Projects Worth Seeing

Tired of that worn-out trope that women are impossible to work with or aren’t creative when they are “on the rag”? Well these five artists/projects are defying this belief, using menstruation as fuel for empowerment and art. Some of the images after the jump are NSFW. Read more »

School's Out: Science is Not an Exact Science

This conception of empiricism—what it means to do “good,” “reliable,” and “valid” science—constrains what work can be done in the future. The exclusions “necessitated” by these models of research aren’t an accident either—broadly speaking, the conception of rationalism underpinning the... Read more »

Funny or Die's Women's Health "Experts" Video: Hilarious Yet Depressingly Accurate

It’s a shitty time to have a uterus, especially if you don’t want the government telling you what to do with it. Since we’d rather laugh than cry, check out this spot-on video from the folks at... Read more »

Bringing Up Baby: Reagan's Cesarean on Up All Night and the Issue of Control in Childbirth

Today, new methods have replaced DeLee’s, and yet popular obstetric interventions (cesareans, amniotomies, labor-inducing drugs, episiotomies, epidurals) are still designed to transfer control from the woman to her labor assistant. 33% of births in the United States are by cesarean, a rate... Read more »

In The Frame: Ingrid Berthon-Moine: Lipstick and Looking Twice

I know I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog looking at subtle forms of feminist art, but it’s only fair to consider the more direct approaches, especially when they’re as thought-provoking as Red Is The Colour. Be prepared to embrace menarchy, or menstrual anarchy… Read more »

Bringing Up Baby: Women of Color with Wailing Babies in TVLand

To date, I’ve written 19 posts about representations of pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care in the media. I’ve proffered examples from a variety of television series and films: Up All Night, The Office, True Grit, Glee, Knocked Up, Look Who’s Talking, The Rachel Zoe... Read more »

In The Frame: Tracey Emin

As one of the most controversial artists of modern times, Tracey Emin has generated serious column inches for her overtly personal work, including the installation My Bed (complete with condoms) and her series of autobiographical appliquéd blankets, littered with swear words. David Bowie called her... Read more »

Bringing Up Baby: Stay Away From That Tuna! (Or I'll Take Your Baby)

During last week’s episode of Parenthood, Julia panicked because Zoe—the young woman carrying the baby Julia plans to adopt—is caught eating sushi. With tuna. Read more »

Bringing Up Baby: Ew, Breastfeeding is Gross! Or Is It Sexy? Sexy-Gross?

These highfaluting accolades for breastfeeding also stand in awkward contrast to portrayals of breastfeeding in TV and the movies. Bitch has previously covered our media’s (read: men in our media’s)... Read more »

Preacher's Daughter: Women in Country and the Construction of Femininity

There’s a script for women in commercial country music that doesn’t necessarily coincide with more mainstream stereotypes and assumptions about women. If you’ve ever heard Carrie Underwood’s ubiquitous 2007 single, “... Read more »


Critical Conditions: For Trans Individuals, Seeking Medical Care Can Be a Minefield

When trans individuals encounter the medical system, they're often met with discrimination and misunderstanding. Read more »