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Want to Block Chris Brown's Stupid Face Forever and Ever? There's an App for That

If you’re tired of seeing Chris Brown’s stupid face in your news feed and no longer want to hear about how he’s turned <a href=”“http://www.inquisitr.com/336451/chris-brown-abuse-stickers-are-boosting-album-sales/”target=”_blank”>domestic violence into a marketing ploy... Read more »

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Here’s what you missed while you were planning your Oscars party… At This Ain’t Livin’, s.e. smith wants to know where are all the disabled pop culture creators? Mother Jones has a ... Read more »

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Here’s what we’ve been reading this week:  Feministing tackles the media’s coverage of Whitney Houston’s death which showed another successful female artist... Read more »

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We’ve got blogs bursting at the seams! Soraya Chemaly’s responds to the Iowa caucuses with a piece on the incredible inequality for women in US politics. s.e. smith looks at the ridiculous... Read more »

Hitting A New Low(e's): Sponsors Pull Ads from All American Muslim

All-American Muslim is a TLC show that first aired a month ago, that follows the lives of several Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan. I still haven’t seen the show, but it sounds perfectly….blah. Sort of like, “Oh, an inter-faith marriage? When is Freaky Eaters on... Read more »

In The Frame: Nan Goldin, "One Month After Being Battered"

“There is no separation between me and what I photograph,” said the artist Nan Goldin. This has never been truer than with the self-portrait that captures her injuries caused by an abusive boyfriend. Domestic violence is never an easy subject to talk about, but this image speaks volumes. Read more »

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Links ahoy! HuffPo reports on Rachel Maddow’s statement that “[g]ay... Read more »

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Start your weekend off right: with compelling articles from around the web! Bitch contributor s.e. smith ... Read more »

Bitchtapes: Guilty Pleasure Edition

This week around Bitch HQ, we indulged in musical guilty pleasures. So, I combined some of my most guilty and most pleasurable, for you! Track list after the jump. Read more »