"You Need to Fall in Love With Story": An Interview with "Carrie" Director Kimberly Peirce

Director Kim Peirce and the blood-soaked poster for her new film, the Carrie remake.  Filmmaker Kimberly Peirce is a crusader. Like the protagonist of her latest film, Carrie, Hollywood has failed to... Read more »

Slumber Party Massacre and the Male Gaze

Slumber Party Massacre comes off as yet another sensationalistic and gory ‘80s slasher. I picked it up recently mainly due to its ridiculous title and the fact that most of the characters were female. Upon viewing it, what shocked me was not so much the gore and violence, but the... Read more »

Carrie: A Possibly Unnecessary Remake of a Still-Resonant Horror Story

There’s a scene in the original Carrie that made me tear up the first time I saw it, at age 12 or so. It’s not one of the movie’s famous scare scenes—not the ones at the prom, not the pants-peeingly unexpected shock ending, not even the senseless murder of a... Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Ghosts

  Ghosts get a bad rap. But the stories we tell about spirits reveal what our cultures fear and value. In this show, Bitch Creative Director Andi Zeisler and literary ghost expert Jessica Jernigan look at how female... Read more »

New Film "Black Rock" and the Horror of Rape Culture

The premise is deceptively simple: A group of girlfriends reunite on a Maine camping trip for the first time in years. They come across three military men, long-ago acquaintances from school, and the groups merge for a lakeshore party. Alcohol is imbibed, and one of the girls heads off to the... Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Pulp, Featuring Chelsea Cain and Laura Lippman

The best stories are the juicy ones. This episode of our feminist pop culture podcast is all about pulp (timely, right?). We talk with best-selling thriller writer Chelsea Cain about how her pregnancy inspired her to get started writing gory... Read more »

The New "Evil Dead" and the Infamous Tree Rape Scene

You’d think that kids these days would know better than to read what’s inside of a book bound by human skin, especially if those kids are taking shelter in a cabin in the middle of the woods.  Read more »

Mama: Ghoulish Horror Meets Maternal Self-Sacrifice

I believe this movie stirred something in me. Perhaps the feelings I had for my ‘97 sea foam Geo Metro? That was a similarly creaky and stressful thing that I’d have preferred to chop up for parts. For good or for bad, Mama opens with a far more chilling scene than any of the film... Read more »

Backlot Bitch: Calling for the Candyman

Candyman is my new favorite horror film—never mind that it came out in 1992. Read more »

Visi(bi)lity: Bisexuality as Rebellion: Sexualizing Women

I have noticed that often such stories use sexual fluidity among young women to signify rebellion against hegemonic institutions. In stories ostensibly about conflict between women and their families and women and male lovers, hints of bisexuality are present as indications of the larger ways in... Read more »


The Feminist Power of Female Ghosts

The female ghost is an enduringly fascinating figure. Read more »