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On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Black Boys Don't Have Nick Sandmann's Rights

So many Black youth aren’t here to tell their side of the story.

Is Social Media the Final Visi(bi)lity Frontier?

I’ve spent the majority of this series discussing bisexual visibility (and lack thereof) in film and television. This isn’t an accident—I’m a filmmaker and cinephile, so my passions and cultural points of reference tend to fall within the realm of audio-visual media. But these... Read more »

HuffPo Shames Victoria's Secret Models For Their Diet, Shames Readers For Not Being Models

When it comes to diet articles—specifically articles about what women eat—I think it’s only natural (if depressing) that we’re interested. And we must be, because stories like this one grace the front pages of tabloids, women’s magazines, and blogs almost daily. We live in a... Read more »

Mad World: The Huffington Post's Sexist Linkbait Strategy

The Huffington Post regularly uses women’s bodies as an internet marketing strategy to entice viewers and generate ad revenue. Read more »

TV University: Where my girls at?

The Huffington Post has a piece up today called “TV University: Meet The Faculty”. It’s a clever idea–a faculty roster for a university comprised entirely of television (and some film) characters... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Beating Playboy's Listmakers at Their Own Game

Although the list was released last month, the HuffPo's college arm is just now getting around to devoting linkbaity ink to Playboy's fourth annual compilation of Top Ten Party Schools. If you haven't seen it... Read more »

The gender wars are over and WE WON!

Everyone! This just in! The “gender wars” are over, and women won!. That’s right; after fighting for centuries for equality, our struggles have finally paid off BECAUSE MEN ARE BECOMING JUST... Read more »

Newsflash, Vampire Bill: Rape is Neither Romantic, Nor Charming

Those of us who watch HBO’s True Blood would have a hard time denying the show’s sex appeal (or at least, sex). After all, Bon Temps, Lousiana (the fictional setting for the show) is one seeexxxy town. Vampires banging humans? Check.... Read more »

She works hard for the money; should she think about gender?

This article on "The New Power Girls" by Patricia Handschiegel in yesterday's Huffington Post posits that today's successful businesswomen don't think about gender, and perhaps that is one... Read more »