Preacher's Daughter: Jenny Lewis on the Absence of God

I have never understood why reporters so rarely ask Jenny Lewis about the rich religious critique that has pervaded her work since the earlier days of Rilo Kiley. There is just so much there. I think I will scream if I hear another reporter ask her what it’s like to look hot in indie music,... Read more »

Preacher's Daughter: The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle and that Goddamn Rush of Adrenaline and Blood

So, Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle, songwriter and poet laureate of the... Read more »

B-Sides: Sacha Sacket

I first heard Sacha Sacket’s exquisite voice in 2004, when he performed on my university campus to promote his then-new album, ... Read more »

B-Sides: Lykke Li Brings the Drama On Tour

Lykke Li is on tour! Read on for my experience of the Swedish musician’s performance in Portland this weekend. Read more »

B-sides: Calliope Musicals

I’ve been in Austin, Texas for the past week, and the highlight of my hectic live show calendar has been... Read more »

MFNW: Y La Bamba, for Portland's Lonely Hearts

Did you Bounce a little too hard yesterday? Need a comedown for day two of your MFNW marathon... Read more »

Bitchtapes: Musicfest Northwest

Who needs overpriced beer and heatstroke when you can enjoy a music festival in the comfort of your own city? That’s how I feel about Musicfest Northwest, taking place in Portland next week from September 8-11. Bitch Media will doing special daily blog... Read more »

BitchTapes: Beach Party!

It seems like just yesterday we were transitioning from winter to spring... but now summer is here! And with it comes a steep, almost exponential increase in readily available advice on how to hate your body, courtesy of... Read more »

Tuning In: Liz Phair, composer

A brief consideration for Liz Phair’s burgeoning career in television as a composer. Read more »

Feist a.k.a. Bitch Lap Lap

How do you listen to Canadian music? With your ears, eh? Silly… Sorry, must have been the feminist jokes post from earlier today that inspired that one. Anyways, we are indeed heading to the Far North for today’s B-sides as we rock out with Nova Scotian and lady tune-weaver Leslie Feist.... Read more »