The Raw Power of Shouting Your Abortion Story

Thousands of people are speaking up about their experiences getting abortions. Read more »

Web Series "Hey Yun" Focuses On Being a Struggling Artist in NYC

Hye Yun Park is real. She’s three-dimensional—smart, funny, confused, angry—and she writes, directs, and stars in her own web series, Hey YunRead more »

"The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy" is a Practical Look at Gender and Online Privacy

Violet Blue is a journalist who sniffs out interesting stories about technology, controversy, and identity.  Read more »

What Happens When Two Best Friend Comedians Decide to Make an Internet Advice Show

At first glance, Just Between Us looks like any other YouTube channel with two friends vlogging and answering random viewer questions. But the scripted advice show format is really a guise for Allison Raskin and Gaby... Read more »

New Web Series "You're So Talented" Gives Us a Black Female Protagonist to Root For

I don’t often watch television. Outside of watching shows like How to Get Away with Murder, the record-setting Empire, or binging Orange is the New Black, there’s not much TV I’m interested in. I am often drawn to series that center on complex and flawed Black... Read more »

Popaganda Episode: The Future of Privacy

  Who defines what “privacy” means these days? Big companies, mostly. This show explores how companies like Facebook and Google have shifted our expectations of privacy—and made us think less about government surveillance.  First, we discuss a talk by Julia Angwin in which she asks... Read more »

The Future of Sexting

When Professor Amy Adele Hasinoff’s new book landed on my desk, I took one look at the title and thought, “Yes!” Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent ... Read more »

The Struggle to Get Revenge Porn Off the Internet

The site offers “callout cards” to send to people who cross your digital boundaries. Last week, England became the third country to enact a ... Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Going Viral

  Internet culture gets derided and dismissed—especially by the out-of-touch people who run a lot of our mainstream media. How often have you heard the punchline of a joke turn out to be “Twitter” or “Youtube”? That gets old fast. Especially, since, in reality, activist media... Read more »


A Look at How Media Writes Women of Color

Nearly every Saturday morning, feminists of color hold Twitter discussions taking a deeper look at issues, such as gender violence. It’s the... Read more »

Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse... and How We Can Stop It

You're a Bolshevik feminist jewess that hates white people… and you expect to be taken seriously when you're “critique-ing” ...

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