the Invisibility issue

Laughing Through Pain: A Documentary Side-eyes Tasteless Holocaust Jokes

Are there certain jokes that should never be told? That’s the central question of the new documentary The Last Laugh from director Ferne Pearlstein. Read more »

“Speed Sisters” Makes Drag Racing a Feminist Issue

New documentary Speed Sisters looks at an all-woman racing team, the first of its kind in Palestine, and their struggle to break into the male-dominated racing world as they compete against other drivers and each other. Read more »

“The Revival” Connects Queer Black Poets To Their History

The Revival presents a positive view of Black queerness and Black womanhood in general. Read more »

Syd’s “Fin” Proves She’s The Champion of Subtlety

Citing inspiration ranging from Brandy to Justin Bieber’s Journals, Syd imbues Fin with the emotional vulnerability of a confessional Usher ballad on top of boppy hooks reminiscent of SWV. Read more »

Outcasts No More: Anne Helen Petersen’s New Book Celebrates Unruly Women

In exploring how any ambient space around female celebrities is quickly overfilled with criticism and condemnation, Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud primarily focuses on the unforgiving celebrity media culture, with its unyielding gaze and greed for clicks. Read more »

Sidelining Queerness: Erasing Baldwin’s Identity in “I Am Not Your Negro”

Throughout history, too many queer people of color have been asked to choose between their racial and their sexual identities, and we shouldn’t accept the erasure of one legacy when highlighting another. Read more »

We’re All Vulnerable: A Review of Girlpool’s “Powerplant”

Girlpool’s formula is simple: guitar, bass, and the tightly woven voices of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. Read more »

Purity in a Trumped-Up World: A Conversation with Alexis Shotwell

Alexis Shotwell’s recent book, Against Purity: Living Ethically in Compromised Times, urges us to think productively about engaging not with our ideal world but with the one we actually live in with real implications for conversations about free speech, safe spaces, coalition... Read more »

About the Art: The Invisibility Issue

In this time of ahistoricism, where so much is based on “right now,” we wanted to reference the history of violence on which the U.S. has been—and continues to be—built, from slavery and colonialism to devastating environmental practices, to the destruction of sacred lands and resources that were... Read more »