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On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on our radar this morning! • Looking for some fresh reading material? Well there are thousands of zines by queer POC to check out, so here’s a list of 50 sweet titles to get you started! [Autostraddle] • America’s favorite political penis pun is back: Anthony Weiner has been revealed (cough) to be the center of another sexting scandal—this time under the 70’s porno alias “Carlos Danger.” [Slate] • Speaking of porn, Tumblr is cracking down on inappropriate content, which has somehow led to censoring the tags #gay, #lesbian, and #bisexual. [Jezebel] • Also in questionable censorship news, Clear Channel refuses to air ads about women’s reproductive health care on the grounds of indecency. Sign WAM’s petition to unblock...

Most Bizarre and Desperate Reactions to the Royal Baby

Unless you managed to spend the better portion of today on a remote island, there’s been no escaping the steady barrage of royal baby tweets and headlines commemorating the Cambridge couple’s spawning. Read more »

The Wedding March: Is the Honeymoon Over?

Now that the confetti has settled, the media is starting to move on from the modern fairytale. But there are some people for whom the royal wedding was an experience they’ll never forget, in all the wrong ways. Read more »

The Wedding March: Nice Day For a White Wedding

The vows have been said, the register signed and the happy couple kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of screaming crowds. For those of us who didn’t score an invite to the most exclusive wedding of the decade, the media was on hand to guide us through the day—with a... Read more »

The Wedding March: Embracing the Trashy

As the day draws ever nearer, and even the most patriotic pundits run out of things to say about the ceremony itself, it’s time to turn our attention to what comes afterwards. The significance of the event cannot be underestimated, and although none of us will be privy to what the newlyweds... Read more »

The Wedding March: Size Doesn't Matter

With the whole world watching, it’s understandable that Kate Middleton wants to look her best on her wedding day. But her recent weight loss has provided the press with its favorite topic: deconstructing women’s bodies. Read more »

The Wedding March: To Obey, Or Not To Obey

If rumors are true—and with this couple, it’s only ever 50:50—then Kate Middleton will not promise to obey her husband in next week’s ceremony. When even the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks it’s a bit old-fashioned, you know it’s a tradition worth discarding. Read more »

The Wedding March: Mummy Dearest

With little over a week to go, it’s hard to imagine anything stopping William and Kate walking down the aisle—but that wasn’t always the case. Up until their engagement was announced, it was assumed that one woman stood in Kate’s way: her mother. Read more »

The Wedding March: And Baby Makes Trouble

It’s a problem faced by most straight couples—you haven’t even tied the knot yet, and everyone is wondering whether you’ll have children. Or in this case, whether your eldest child will inherit the crown if it’s a girl. Like the nursery rhyme... Read more »

The Wedding March: The Princess Problem

At a time when young graduates struggle to find work, one former art history student’s patchy résumé shouldn’t be headline news. Unless of course, you happen to be Kate Middleton. Read more »

The Wedding March: Uninvited Guests

On 29 April, the streets around Westminster will be crowded with people eager to get a look at the happy couple and be part of what is being billed as an historic event. The guest list includes celebrities, politicians and six of their former flames, but there’s one group of people who won... Read more »