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New Album "Hit Reset" Is Kathleen Hanna’s Most Honest Work Yet

The Julie Ruin's second album comes out this week, riffing on the feminism that Hanna has championed since early riot grrrl days.

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A Quieter Riot: Kathleen Hanna Talks about the Grrrl She was and the Woman She is Now

The singer has spent the last six years dealing with the effects of Lyme Disease, which hinders both physical and neurological abilities. Read more »

Rebel Girl: Kathleen Hanna on Archiving Riot Grrrl, Tearing Down Idols, and Awkward Turtles

Musician, activist, and all-around cool lady Kathleen Hanna was interviewed by Laura Flanders for GRITtv last week. While the interview covered a range of topics (... Read more »