Documentary "Dreamcatcher" Profiles Chicago Sex Workers Turned Reformers

The new film Dreamcatcher begins with a white van rolling through dark Chicago streets. “Hey, do you have condoms?” yells the passenger to the camera’s right.  Read more »

More Sex Workers Are Killed in the US Than Any Other Country

According to advocacy group the Sex Worker Outreach Project, yesterday more than 21 cities in the United States and 33 cities internationally held events to recognize the ... Read more »

"Pride" is a Joyful Film About the Need for Unlikely Allies

The premise of Pride sounds like a slog: the film by British director Matthew Warchus follows a London gay and lesbian group’s fundraising campaign for mine workers who are in the midst of the nation’s longest-running strike. But instead of being a gray grind, the movie is a... Read more »

Two Teens Who Were Sex Workers Were Murdered—Will America Pay Attention?

The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference. Early last Thursday morning, the murdered bodies of two young black teen girls who were sex... Read more »

Catch the Infectious Pop and Outspoken Honesty of Lowell

When I saw Lowell perform in a bar/sandwich shop in Portland last week, I left feeling both sweaty and lucky. The small venue had been packed with people dancing to Lowell’s catchy beats—the Toronto-based performer filled the... Read more »

Sex Workers Stage Protests Against Police Crackdowns at the World Cup

While a FIFA fan fest raged in Rio de Janeiro’s ritzy Copacabana neighborhood last week, a few blocks away Brazilian sex workers were having their own party. Read more »

What if Christmas Trees Honored the Workers Who Grew Them?

In 100 different homes across Portland this winter, Christmas trees were adorned with unusual ornaments: instead of tiny Santas and candycanes, the evergreen branches were also graced with glass ornaments etched with the name of a farmworker who helped grow and harvest the tree. Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Demystifying the Wage Gap

Why is it that white men in America are paid more—on average—than women and people of color in every single state? We dig into the realities behind the wage gap with help from three all-stars. First ... Read more »

Why Does Our Society Undervalue Domestic Work?

We just assume, in the United States and abroad, that there will be someone to do all of the cooking, all of the cleaning, all of the care work for very little pay or no pay at all. Read more »

"Young and Beautiful" Tells an Aloof but Magnetic Tale of Sex Work and Adolescence

“No one’s serious at seventeen,” wrote Arthur Rimbaud in the 1870 poem “Roman.” When these words part from the pair of pillowy lips belonging to Isabelle (Marine Vacth), the teenaged protagonist of François Ozon’s Young and Beautiful, the audience gets the feeling she has chosen to... Read more »


Dear Bear: My Partner Makes No Money. Is That a Problem?

Our advice columnist offers a lesson in anticapitalist self-care. Read more »

Why You Should Pay for Porn

If you’re a progressive middle-class individual, chances are you think about where your food comes from. Maybe you try to buy shoes that are... Read more »