The H-Word: Jenny talks about her "Private Parts"

“I started dancing seven years ago. On the topic of prostitution, I generally say, you know, I have sex for many different reasons in many different contexts. I guess that’s a buffer, a way of easing discomfort. I suppose I like that people are interested in my work, so long as it comes from... Read more »

The H-Word: Reflections on Sex, Power, and Speaking the Truth

This weekend Sex, Power and Speaking the Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later convened to discuss women’s ability speak up against gender inequality and abuses of power, with a focus on the intersectionality of race, class and gender in defining a... Read more »

The H-Word: Nafissatou Diallo

Sex (work) sells, but at whose expense? Read more »

The H-Word: Paper Crane: Antonia Crane Writes About Recession Sex Workers

“It all started with Stephen Elliot. I read his book My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up while in grad school and I started following him. I discovered the Rumpus and submitted an essay. I got rejected... Read more »

The H-Word: "I'm a Whore"

“I’m a whore, a proud whore. What does this word mean? A whore is a prostitute, sex worker, hustler, degenerate, scum in a female body. I call myself a whore revolutionary. I consider myself a survivor.” Read more »

The H-Word: "Dancing Saved my Life"

“When I was a teenager, like 14, I took off from an abusive foster care situation (one of many) and I had to ‘make it’ on my own. I had no ID, and no money. I danced at Billy’s Topless and a place called The Baby Doll Lounge, until I was legal age to be on my own and to get a proper job. I... Read more »

The H-Word: Rachel Lloyd vs. The Fashion Police

Many people find it challenging to see sex workers as subjects, rather than as objects—as individuals capable of making choices and as actors in their own lives. Tragically, many of these same people purport to be our advocates. Read more »

The H-Word: What the H?

Welcome to the H-Word, a series dedicated to evaluating, challenging, and re-presenting sex worker portrayals in the media from a feminist, pro-sex worker (though not necessarily pro-sex work) stance. If that seems contradictory or impossible, keep tuning in. Besides my perspective, this column... Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: Jessie de la Cruz

“The average farmworker lived 49 years—compared to 70 years for the white majority in the United States. A migrant worker’s baby was twice as likely to die as babies of other people. Farmworkers were three times as likely as other people to get tuberculosis, three times as likely to get... Read more »

Preacher's Daughter: Gillian Welch's "Dark Turn of Mind"

Americana artist Gillian Welch has always included southern Christian imagery in her work. Though not native to the South, her music is at its most comfortable when it explores the tragedy and violence of working-class survival in the region. Welch and partner David Rawlings write and record sparse... Read more »


Dear Bear: My Partner Makes No Money. Is That a Problem?

Our advice columnist offers a lesson in anticapitalist self-care. Read more »

Why You Should Pay for Porn

If you’re a progressive middle-class individual, chances are you think about where your food comes from. Maybe you try to buy shoes that are... Read more »