Le Tigre

Electro Feminisms: Pink Noises

To hear some critics tell it, women have been largely bystanders and groupies in electronic music. Tara Rodgers’ Pink Noises steps into this void to talk to 24 female DJs, producers, composers, installation artists and more about gender, race, sexuality, sexism and music. Read on for more.

Le Tigre: On Tour and In Charge

“FEMINISTS, WE’RE CALLING YOU! PLEASE REPORT TO THE FRONT DESK!” It’s fucking hard to be feminist. (If you just made a dick joke to yourself then get the heck outta here!) No one said negotiating power was easy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock out while challenging... Read more »

Tuning In: Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight"

My thoughts on Christina Aguilera’s single and music video for “Not Myself Tonight.” Read more »

On the Map: A Tangled Web of Riot Grrrl

From gutter punks to The Kathleen Hanna Papers to Jenocide–I give you an experiment in feminist word weaving. Read more »

BitchTapes: The Lady Business Edition

My internship at Bitch ended this week and just recently I got a grown-up job. In a perfect world, those two things would not be mutually exclusive, however I am super happy with the full-time gig, feel fortunate that during a recession I was able to land something with benefits and good pay and I... Read more »

A Little Glimpse: The Art of Touring

I know in my day I've had my fair share of rock star fantasties. It'd be amazing to stand on stage and display your art to the masses. Whether "the masses" encompasses ten of your best friends or hundreds of strangers who want to be your best friend, it must be a glorious feeling to actually make... Read more »

I'm anticipating the new Christina Aguilera album and I'm not ashamed of it

  I have to admit, when Christina Aguilera debuted "Genie In A Bottle" in 1999, I liked it. Granted, I was 15, but even then I didn't exactly dig Britney Spears, and thought it was kind of ridiculous that Aguilera was lumped into the same category as her. I still like Aguilera, I will sing along to... Read more »

Happy Friday!

Just for the hell of it… .   This is not a new video, but it is just as glorious as ever. Have a good weekend! Read more »