Mad Men

Screw Winter... True Blood's Coming!

For those of you who’ve reading our weekly Mad Men coverage here at Bitch, fear not: we’ll recap Sunday’s season finale (sniff), but we’ll be covering True Blood too! Because a soap-y, action-packed show like... Read more »

Christina Hendricks Talks Joan, Feminism, and Bitches in the Hollywood Reporter

Calling all Mad Men fans! Christina Hendricks, known to us all as Joan Holloway/Harris, is on the cover of next week’s Hollywood Reporter. Read more »

Mad Men: The Pryce of "Commissions and Fees"

Where to start with last night’s Mad Men? Read more »

Mad Men: The Other Woman

What an episode! We laughed, we cried, we called for Pete Campbell’s head on a platter, and then we cried some more. Seriously, somebody kill this guy. Read more »

Mad Men: Take This Christmas Waltz

The Christmas episode of Mad Men put us in a holiday mood: And by “holiday mood” we mean a state of Don-and-Joan-induced euphoria. Read more »

Mad Men: Dark Shadows

We’re thankful for last night’s episode of Mad Men—whipped cream, Manischewitz and all. Nobody wakes Don Draper up on a Sunday just to throw their failures in his face. Read more »

Mad Men: Just Taste It!

Last night’s Mad Men had us reaching for our Sylvia Plath books, our Gilmore Girls DVDs, and our tubs of Cool Whip. Okay, maybe not the Cool Whip. Read more »

Mad Men: At the Codfish Ball

Last night’s Mad Men blew us away! You know what we mean. Read more »

Mad Men: Far, Far Away

We’re going to need a room at that Howard Johnson motor lodge to process everything that happened on Mad Men last night. What a trip! Strange things are afoot at the Howard J. Read more »

Mad Men: TKO!

Last night’s episode of Mad Men was a knockout! You wanna take your teeth out? Or you want me to knock them out? Read more »