RetroPop: Madonna, Adrienne Rich, and Pussy Riot

And now for something with a bit more gravity than usual here on RetroPop: Punk and Real World Politics and Prison and the Queen of Pop. Oh, and amazing Adrienne Rich poetry.

Thinking Kink: Swinging Both Ways (Christian Grey Included)

Dominant, submissive, top, bottom, masochist, sadist… What if your kink preferences don’t fit one of these labels? Does popular culture have no time for fence-sitters, or as Jay Wiseman called them, “switch-hitters”? Or does it regularly represent them without acknowledging their... Read more »

BitchTapes: Female Pop Stars of the Early 90s

Best of Bitchtapes! Here's a Bitchtapes from the past we're re-posting because it's too jam-worthy to forget! The other day, while singing “Forever Your Girl” in the shower (don't judge – you know that song rules) I started thinking about the awesome female pop stars... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: The Nearness of Youthful Nostalgia

The other night, I found myself sitting in a concert hall with a thousand other people having an absolutely A+ time at one of the few North American dates on the farewell tour for Euro pop icons a-ha. Yes, a-ha. No matter that I'm not old enough to have fully appreciated their short-lived American... Read more »

Tuning In: Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight"

My thoughts on Christina Aguilera’s single and music video for “Not Myself Tonight.” Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: Model Behavior

Spurred by Raina Kelly's recent Newsweek piece about turning 40 and adopting Madonna as her role model, I've been pondering the idea of life stage role models, particularly as it relates to those of us at the quarter-life. Just who is out there for... Read more »

Tuning In: Glee's "The Power of Madonna"

My thoughts on Glee's much-anticipated Madonna episode. Read more »

Tuning In: Sue Sylvester's "Vogue"

The inimitable Sue Sylvester's rendition of Madonna's "Vogue." Read more »

She Pop: Madonna Is Your Dorm Room Poster, And Further Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

You know what I totally appreciate? Being called out when I am stupid! An exciting incidence of this occurred recently, on my Madonna post, where commenter Crys T notes:  OK, on this point, I get why you're happy to have Madonna around. But it would be nice to see more recognition on the part of... Read more »

She Pop: Madonna, Motherhood, and Choices

You know: a lot of people have problems with Madonna. In fact, pretty much the entire history of Madonna has been the history of people having various problems with her! I first learned of her existence when a news channel reported on one of her concerts. I was maybe five or six. It was her "... Read more »

She Pop: Fame Kills. So Does Trying To Understand Lady Gaga.

The forthcoming Kanye West and Lady Gaga tour/collaboration/alliance/bizarro-pop-Voltron makes sense for so many reasons. Primarily: Kanye and Gaga are both famous because they do weird things in public. Do you like their music? Do you not like their music? It doesn’t matter! What did you... Read more »