The Make-Believe Issue

Articles published in the print Bitch magazine issue, Make-Believe. Check out the complete table of contents for the issue here.

Top of the Pops: Justin Bieber's a lesbian hair icon--or is it the other way around?

Like any good lesbian, I care a lot about my hair. Sadly, as often happens with many a good lesbian, this hasn't always led to particularly good choices when it comes to my 'do. During my closeted high-school years, I sported the LHB (long-haired butch, for the uninitiated) before shifting to the “can I still pass for bi?” bob in college. Post-grad, there was a coif that somehow rolled all Jodie Foster's looks into one. And somewhere along the way, there were even bangs involved. Then I started watching The L Word, and its cornucopia of lesbian hair options blew my mind. All those layers! Such colorful streaks! And Shane, my god…Shane! Who knew the right cut could get you laid? It's hard to say whether it was Showtime's serial drama or my own increasing...

Making Geek Chic: Can tech crafting outfit more girls for technology?

Wearable technology may feel like science fiction, but it's actually becoming a reality right before our eyes. Law enforcement, the military, and the medical industry have long sought ways to integrate technology with clothing to augment health and personal safety. More recently, high fashion... Read more »

Tea Stained: Co-opting feminism with the gun-toting fillies of the Tea Party

It all started with Sarah Palin. Or did it? Maybe it started a few months earlier, when Hillary Clinton downed a shot of whiskey and made some offhand, wrong-footed comments about “hardworking voters, white voters” who still supported her despite her African-American opponent's lead in... Read more »