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LGBTQ Rights Organizations Fighting for More Than Marriage Equality

These organizations are centering the need to end the violence and persecution of LGBTQ people.

Holy Sanctimony: The Hypocrisy of the Fight for Marriage Equality

The fight for the right to marry, to raise kids—to embody the heterosexual nuclear family—has largely eschewed our fight for the right to be otherwise. Read more »

Picketing Equality: Non-religious Queer Storylines Still Rule the TV Roost

We need more sophisticated storylines pertaining to religion and tolerance. Read more »

"Freeheld" is a Big Gay Rollercoaster, Full of Giddy Highs and Unfortunate Lows

Ellen Page and Julianne Moore star in the film about a real-life couple fighting to love eachother in the face of homophobia.  Read more »

We’re Not Done Yet: 10 LGBTQ Equality Issues to Keep Working on Tomorrow

A huge, amazing, important, wonderful day. Read more »

How Are States Still Arguing That Marriage is All About Procreation?

Today is a big milestone in the ongoing push for equal marriage rights nationwide: Today the Supreme Court heard the opening arguments in a case questioning whether states have the right to ban same-sex marriage. Read more »

This is a Huge Week for Marriage Equality in the South

A proud Florida couple at a 2008 protest against Amendment 2, which rewrote the state Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage.Photo by Danny Hammontree (Creative Commons).  This past year was... Read more »

How American Pop Culture Has Embraced Same-sex Marriage

Excitement was running high at the marriage license office in Portland, Oregon on Monday, May 19. A crowd counted down the minutes until a federal judge planned to announce his ruling in a case challenging Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage. Read more »

This History-Making Marriage Equality Documentary is a Joyful Tearjerker

Here is a documentary that will write history. The Case Against 8 artfully weaves the tale of the legal fight over same-sex marriage into the personal stories of the people whom our unfair marriage laws most... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the feminist news on my radar today: • The Center for Investigative Reporting found that at least 150 women in California prisons were... Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Intersections

In this historic week of Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality and the Voting Rights Act, we're thinking a lot about intersections. More than ever, it's clear that making America a more equal union means defending the civil rights of everyone—not benefitting one group of... Read more »