marriage equality

“Traditional” Marriage Isn’t One Man, One Woman. It’s One Man and One Other Man’s Property.

Marriage was a business arrangement in which love was highly incidental. Read more »

The Queer Thing about Legal Marriage

For many marriage equality advocates, marriage is about more than tax breaks and hospital visits; it’s about making gay relationships visible to the world and legitimate under the law. Read more »

4 Ways Our Government Regulates Sexuality, beyond the Same-sex Marriage Ban

We’ve got to look beyond marriage to the other ways gender, sexuality, and love will still be regulated by the government, even if gays can finally tie the knot. Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Good morning! Today is a big day for marriage equality. So much to read! • The Supreme Court is taking up the case of marriage equality and it’s... Read more »

Three Indisputable Arguments that DOMA is Bad for Business.

Just ten years ago, only 33 percent of Americans supported same-sex marriage. Now, backing marriage equality is a must for many big businesses. Leading up to this week’s challenge to the Defense... Read more »

Watch the Golden Girls Dish on Marriage Equality

We’ve been writing a lot about Golden Girls recently, so although this clip on same-sex marriage is a classic, it’s worth watching again. Via Shakesville Read more »

Lady Liquor: Straight women, gay bars and safe spaces

This summer, a Los Angeles gay bar called the Abbey banned bachelorette parties from its establishment until marriage equality is achieved, which sparked discussion in LGBTQ communities elsewhere about... Read more »

Bridal Party: In Support of Ceremony!

We spend a lot of time in the handful of decades that we exist in this world being told things and telling things. But there are comparitively very few moments when we allow our pretenses to drop and we come together to share something honest, and complex, and for many of us a little (or a lot)... Read more »

Sexual Inadequacy: By Blood or Marriage

Essentially this judge, the dishonorable Charley E. Prine Jr. of Harris County, has decided that even though there is no evidence to suggest that a gay man is even statistically AS likely to molest a child, that Flowers cannot trust Evans to watch the children while he does anything. No grocery... Read more »

On Our Radar

Friday is linkday! Bitch Leadership Council member and Feminist Coming Out Day organizer... Read more »