Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Porn Addiction Flick "Don Jon" Challenges Gender Roles

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in his directorial debut, Don Jon, which centers on the life of a “porn addict” Jersey guido named Jon Martello.Though plenty of people will likely flock to a film that centers on two sexy stars and a porn addiction... Read more »

New Film "Some Girl(s)" Focuses on the Self-Obsessed Nice Guy

Some Girl(s) is a movie about a “nice guy” who has trouble seeing beyond himself. Though the film revolves around the desires of the central guy, named Man (played by Adam Brody), the moments of... Read more »

A Feminist Perspective on American Rodeo

Women and horses have a complicated relationship: Women both identify with horses emotionally—connecting with the freedom they represent—and gain power from their ability to control them. One compelling example of this paradoxical relationship in women’s involvement in Wild West shows and... Read more »

In Classic Western Films, Cowboys Wander While Women Stay at Home

The classic image of a cowboy is a wandering man. Symbolically, the American Cowboy has come to represent large, abstract values: freedom, honesty, bravery. In these stories, cowboys meander and conquer the open range alone with their trusty steeds. But how do women fit into these pervasive stories... Read more »

Exploring Gender in Cowgirl Narratives

Cowgirl narratives—films, shows, and books featuring women and horses—often show women who are at home in their bodies, connected with nature, and many times, disrupting traditional gender roles. As cowgirls, women are shown in acts of blissful physicality. They follow their dreams. They are... Read more »

Girls, Girls, Girls: Recap of Episode Six, “Boys”

Last week’s weirdly controversial Girls episode “One Man’s Trash”, was defined by melancholy. This week’s episode, “Boys”, articulates that melancholy in a precise way with a... Read more »

On Our Radar: Election Day, Masculinity, and Margaret Cho

Phew, we can all relax a little now that Election Day is over.  GOBAMA!!  In case you missed out on your internet browsing during the fury of all that was November 6th, here’s a round-up on what we’ve been reading: Sure, there’s always room for more progress, but let... Read more »

Read This: The Myth of the Male Decline

“Contrary to the fears of some pundits, the ascent of women does not portend the end of men. It offers a new beginning for both.” So argues Stephanie Coontz in the New York Times most emailed article (as of this morning), “... Read more »

WTF Files: New York Times Wonders, "Are Modern Men Manly Enough?"

The headline alone is enough to bring on an eye-roll headache: “Are Modern Men Manly Enough?” And the head-desk-inducing subheaders will only make it worse: “... Read more »

Thinking Kink: The Appeal of the Submissive Male

Other men may condemn them, but how do women feel about men who want to be dominated? Today I’m thinking again about masculinity and how it’s dealt with in media representations of kink, and pondering why a submissive man might appeal to some people… Read more »


Ms. Opinionated: I'm a Man. How Can I Help the Feminist Movement?

Welcome to Ms. Opinionated, our weekly advice column dealing with questions of life, love, feminism, and pop culture. This week, a reader... Read more »

"Moonlight" is an Essential Work of Art for the Current Political Moment

Moonlight displays the kind of empathy and humanity that we desperately need right now. Read more »