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Behind the Yellow Jumpsuit: A Retrospective of April O’Neil

Who is April O’Neil? As the entirely unnecessary new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film floods theaters this month, the sassy reporter and number one mutant turtle documentarian is once again in our cultural consciousness.

Body Double (Standard): The celebrity profiles of Megan Fox and Beyonc

Men’s magazines are dubious during the best of times, but so far 2013 is bringing out their worst. Last week, eyebrows were raised by this flimsy GQ profile of... Read more »

Megan Fox Refreshingly NOT Objectified in New Acer Commercial. Plus: Talking Dolphins!

Here in the feminist blogosphere, we spend a lot of time calling out sexism in the media, especially in advertising. Contrary to popular belief, this is not because we are... Read more »

Snarky's Cinemachine: Bay of Pigs

Huffington Post blogger Scott Mendelson wrote an intriguing analysis of the Megan Fox/Michael Bay dust up which may or may not have been the catalyst for Fox’s departure from the successful... Read more »

Sapphic Salon: Megan Fox and the women she loves to hate

Megan Fox thinks I hate her. It's simply not true. I didn't realize she'd take it personal that I never saw Transformers (or its sequel) and I was one of the few that bought tickets to see Jennifer's Body opening... Read more »

Jennifer's Body was a bummer. I mean wettie-killer.

This movie should have been awesome! Like many feminist blog readers and pop-culture junkies, Kelsey and I have been following the hype on Jennifer’s Body , starring Megan Fox as a cheerleader-turned-flesh-eating-demon and Amanda Seyfried as her loyal but mousier (Hollywood mousier) BFF,... Read more »

She Pop: VMA Disappointments For Everyone!

Ah, the VMAs! Pop spectacle at its finest! If, by "finest," you mean "most spectacularly overhyped and therefore ripe for viewer disappointment." Which is what I mean, actually, so I'm good. And today, in my quest to provide you with the least timely post on the VMAs EVER, I present you with three... Read more »

Wakeman & Cody: Feminism, Film, and Foxes on The Frisky

Friend-o-Bitch and blogger Jessica Wakeman has an interview with Diablo Cody at The Frisky that might be of interest to... Read more »

Jennifer's Body: Is it Feminist? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

The trailer for the newest Diablo Cody film, Jennifer’s Body is out, and this thing is begging for a bit o’ feminist critique. Watch, and discuss (NSFW, workaholics): Hmmm... Read more »

Transformers 2: Offensive Archetypes in Disguise

Internet buzz about Michael Bay’s (director of landmark crap-tion films like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island) latest film Transformers 2 has mostly centered around who has the most scathing review, how hot Megan Fox is, and a few murmurs concerning coded racism in two of the robots.... Read more »

Diablo Cody Takes on a Zombie Rom-Com, Makes More Room for Women in Horror?

So Variety has reported that Diablo Cody (Juno, The United States of Tara) is joining forces with Fox Searchlight to develop a film... Read more »