Mental Health

Ask Bear: Everything is Fine. So Why Do I Feel Like a Total Loser?

I have a job and friends and a place to live. But I feel like I missed about a billion steps to adulting? Read more »

New Music Monday: Sammus

 “Now I see the past with some clarity / Glad I took my ass to some therapy,” sings Sammus on her new single. Among a million songs about heartbreak and sadness, it’s rare to hear one that speaks so honestly about the importance of reaching out for help. Read more »

BitchTapes: Asylum

A mixtape for people struggling with mental health—you are not alone.  Read more »

Let's Talk About Sex and Depression

Many people who take medication for depression experience sexual side effects. But since both mental health and sexuality are stigmatized topics, many patients are left feeling alone. People have plenty of reasons to not want to talk about their depression and its impact on their sexuality.  Read more »

Meet the Asian American Woman Who’s Asking White Friends to Pitch In for Her Therapy

Racism causes real emotional and psychological damage. Read more »

Cut & Paste: Zines About Mental Health and Self Care

Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Here are some smart, creative, feminist zines about taking care of yourself.  Read more »

Critical Conditions: For Trans Individuals, Seeking Medical Care Can Be a Minefield

When trans individuals encounter the medical system, they're often met with discrimination. A lack of understanding of trans identity, gender presentation, and the community’s needs creates barriers to healthcare on every level, from insurance coverage to conversations over the pharmacy... Read more »