There's No Such Thing As a Post-Baby Body

Notice a trend here? From the Eva Mendes “Sweatpants-Gate” to Kelly Clarkson’s ongoing encounters with fat-shamers, our nation is obsessed with celebrities... Read more »

“Jane the Virgin” Has a Surprisingly Progressive Take on Sex

The fact that the show devoted an entire episode to the topic of abortion is significant. Read more »

Appreciating Motherhood in Richard Linklater's New Film "Boyhood"

When I was growing up, my siblings and I would visit my father every other weekend at his Oakland apartment. My parents were divorced and this was their arrangement. Read more »

What Makes a Good Mother, According to the Government?

This Monday morning, July 14, moms who had received welfare and their allies gathered outside the White House singing about the need to recognize mothering as work, to the tune of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” Read more »

Why Do We Have So Few Mother-Daughter Stories?

There are several fascinating elements at play in poet Rachel Zucker’s new memoir MOTHERs, which came out in December from ... Read more »

Q&A With Michelle Tea on Her Alternative Parenting Project "Mutha Magazine"

After nearly two years of documenting the trials and travails of trying to get pregnant as a queer woman, Tea is starting up a new site, ... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s the news on our radar today! • Republican members of the House met on Wednesday to discuss immigration–and they came down strongly against the Senate-... Read more »

A Letter from Cheryl Strayed: "It Takes Guts."

Dear Friends, I wrote recently, on Twitter, that I was getting the word “feminist” tattooed on my ass. I was only joking, but I might as well have been serious. It’s true that in all the most important things I am—mother, writer, hiker, wife, daughter, seeker—feminism is at the... Read more »

Mama: Ghoulish Horror Meets Maternal Self-Sacrifice

I believe this movie stirred something in me. Perhaps the feelings I had for my ‘97 sea foam Geo Metro? That was a similarly creaky and stressful thing that I’d have preferred to chop up for parts. For good or for bad, Mama opens with a far more chilling scene than any of the film... Read more »