Q&A With Michelle Tea on Her Alternative Parenting Project "Mutha Magazine"

After nearly two years of documenting the trials and travails of trying to get pregnant as a queer woman, Tea is starting up a new site, ... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s the news on our radar today! • Republican members of the House met on Wednesday to discuss immigration–and they came down strongly against the Senate-... Read more »

A Letter from Cheryl Strayed: "It Takes Guts."

Dear Friends, I wrote recently, on Twitter, that I was getting the word “feminist” tattooed on my ass. I was only joking, but I might as well have been serious. It’s true that in all the most important things I am—mother, writer, hiker, wife, daughter, seeker—feminism is at the... Read more »

Mama: Ghoulish Horror Meets Maternal Self-Sacrifice

I believe this movie stirred something in me. Perhaps the feelings I had for my ‘97 sea foam Geo Metro? That was a similarly creaky and stressful thing that I’d have preferred to chop up for parts. For good or for bad, Mama opens with a far more chilling scene than any of the film... Read more »

What's a "Real Mom," Elizabeth Banks?

Actress Elizabeth Banks inserted her foot far back into the reaches of her mouth recently while discussing motherhood with People magazine. The Hunger Games star shared her thoughts on becoming... Read more »

Lady Business: The False Conflict of Work, Feminism, and Motherhood

Feminists at work, whether they are mothers or not, have yet to reconcile several conflicts related to class, race, and culture. Most conversations about women in the workplace fall along two lines: they are single and ruthless, or they are coupled and supported outside of corporate work by a... Read more »

Lady Business: Motherhood and Debt

At the height of attending my friends’ baby showers, more than one feminist writer urged me to forego having children. Remaining childless is tempting in a world where the costs of raising kids and taking time off to help raise them are getting higher and higher. Read more »

Fertile Ground: Attachment Parenting Isn't About Being "Mom Enough"

Maybe it is because I am breast-feeding my own son and am used to seeing women whip out a boob to put in baby’s mouth at the drop of a hat, but when I saw the cover of TIME this week, I didn’t find it all that odd. Frankly, my first thought was, “Great! A picture of a woman... Read more »

Fertile Ground: Food Banks, Nutrition, and the Romney Delusion

Though it may seem like old news now, Ann Romney’s positioning by the GOP as the epitome of womanly motherhood is important here. It is no secret that the Romney family is out-of-this-world wealthy. Ann Romney’s stayed-at-home child-rearing therefore brings up many issues, including... Read more »

Feministory: Anne Sexton, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet

Anne Sexton was born in Newton, Masachusetts in 1928. Sexton was the youngest of three daughters and quickly earned the title of the wild child. At seventeen, her parents sent her to Rogers Hall Boarding School in Lowell, Massachusetts to try and cure the rebellious side in her. After graduating... Read more »