Paying Homage to the Queen of Teen Mean, Daria Morgendorffer: 20 Years Later, The Sarcasm Still Delights

Daria works against the idea of women as caregivers, or as primarily responsible for tending to others emotions and swaps it out with juvenile humor.

Backtalk: The VMAs and IUDs

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The VMAs Cemented Feminism as Beyoncé's Brand. What Comes Next?

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Visi(bi)lity: How the Savage U Premiere Barely Exceeded My Extremely Low Expectations

Throughout this series, I have tried very hard not to write about the gigantic elephant in the room: Dan Savage. He's a controversial figure, particularly when it comes to his statements on bisexuality... Read more »

The 99%: The Hidden Class Politics of Teen Mom 2

Those things we think we know about teen moms? The limited education, welfare use, the doomed romantic partnerships, the poor outcomes for their children? When we control for poverty, those adverse outcomes virtually disappear. It’s not that they had a child while they were young, it’s... Read more »

Gaga's Jo Calderone Confuses VMA Audiences, Me

Like many others (if Twitter is to be believed), I sat through two-plus hours of VMAs last night. There were highlights (I don’t care how you feel about Beyoncé—her... Read more »

16 and Pregnant: For Girls Only

It’s no secret that 16 and Pregnant is marketed to women. Each episode is narrated by the teen mom, who also provides the testimonials and has the... Read more »

Love for the Women of MTV's "No Easy Decision"

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Tube Tied: "Teen Mom" and the Problem With Social Realism In Reality Television

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Tuning In: Daria on DVD

Daria comes out on DVD tomorrow. I can’t wait! Read more »