Native Americans

Fighting for the Future: The Indigenous Water Protectors Leading Standing Rock's Movement Aren't Backing Down

Hundreds of indigenous activists camped out at Sacred Stone are ready to give everything to protect the land and water. Read more »

Water Is Life: Native Groups Push Back Against Environmental Racism

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Four Questions for Sherman Alexie About His New Picture Book

The celebrated author's first picture book is all about a loving search for identity.  Read more »

Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Rights in Key Sexual Assault Case

Dollar General was fighting against the rights of a Native American tribal court to prosecute a sexual assault. They lost. Read more »

New Documentary "Keepers of the Game" Highlights an All-Native Girls Lacrosse Team

Keepers of the Game blends a traditional sports-film narrative with issues of identity, history, and assimilation. Read more »

Enter the Trippy World of Queer Indigenous Rapper Dio

Her song “Pussy Vortex” pairs unapologetic, witty lyrics with a catchy sound.  Read more »

The First Indigenous Comic-Con is Happening This Year

“In this nerd pop culture era we live in, especially for Native folks, we're marginalized in those spaces.” Read more »

Native Women Protest Sexual Violence Case at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is hearing a case that could make the crisis of sexual violence in Indian... Read more »

Native Actors Walk Off the Set of the New Adam Sandler Movie

It’s no surprise that Adam Sandler’s new movie failed to, let’s say, interpret the Native American experience intelligently.  Read more »

An Indigenous Group Turned Their Stories Into an Amazing Video Game

Video games are an excellent medium for storytelling. While modern games often guide players through fantasy worlds, unfolding complex stories about mythological pasts and alien legends, few video games have thoroughly explored the possibilities of telling strong stories about specific, real-life... Read more »