new music monday

PREMIERE: “Skinny” Shines a Necessary Light on Eating Disorder Recovery

Corina Corina is using music to offer an intimate look at eating-disorder recovery.

Moonrise Nation’s New Album Will Keep You Up At Night

“Glamour Child” is a force to be reckoned with. Read more »

Busting the Boys’ Club: Harlœ’s Leading a Music Revolution

Only six women have been nominated in the Grammys “Producer of the Year” category. Read more »

New Music Monday: Violet Days Achieves Her Childhood Dream On “I’m a Dreamer”

“I’m a Dreamer” chronicles her journey from singing in her bedroom to performing in front of thousands. Read more »

New Music Monday: The Franklys on Sexism in the Music Industry

The United Kingdom-based rock quartet is using their music to call attention to the ways the music business mistreats women. Read more »

New Music Monday: Em & the Fates Subvert the Male Gaze in “Prey”

Em & the Fates have been using a combination of live instrumentation, harmonies, and modern feminist lyrics to build a growing fan base. Read more »

New Music Monday: SHEL on Teaching Women How to Be Fearless

SHEL creates soothing music that speaks to common experiences, including being afraid, falling in love, and finding your purpose.  Read more »

New Music Monday: Bebe Huxley on Tapping Into Their Dark Side

Bebe Huxley’s “Darkside” video is a representation of how they navigate and merge the feminine and masculine. Read more »

New Music Monday: Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm on the Healing Power of Music

Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm is using music to advocate for people who are chronically ill. Read more »

New Music Monday: TOMBOi

TOMBOi spend their non-music-making hours mentoring LGBTQ youth, and their music-making hours creating and holding space for their queer peers. Their sound is ethereal electro-pop, but the work they’re doing is deeply grounded. Read more »

New Music Monday: Carry Illinois

Rebuilding a band after tragedy was the engine propelling indie rock band Carry Illinois’ latest project, and the results are heartbreaking and life-affirming.  Read more »