new music monday

New Music Monday: The Cabin Project

We feature new music from female-fronted bands every Monday. This week, check out the sweet sounds of The Cabin ProjectRead more »

New Music Monday: Dreamy Folk Artist Rae Fitzgerald

Check out the premiere of a new video from queer folk artist Rae Fitzgerald. Read more »

Mitski’s New Album “Puberty 2” Hits All the Sad, Sweet Spots

The 25-year-old biracial punk poet’s raw voice and fuzzy guitar guide listeners through the low times. Read more »

New Music Monday: Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria says that this album is in memory of her twenties. “Those are tender years for a lot of women. It hurts,” she says. Read more »

New Music Monday: Juniore

Their look is Wednesday Addams, their sound is 1960s French dance pop. Read more »

New Music Monday: Throwing Shade

The London-based DJ’s techno and R&B mixes highlight music from around the world. Read more »

New Music Monday: S H I R A

 Shira is a multi-media maker whose name means both “song” and “poem” in Hebrew. Read more »

New Music Monday: Kelsey Lu

Kelsey Lu is a singer, guitarist, cellist and songwriter, and somehow manages to be even greater than the sum of even those impressive parts.  Read more »

New Music Monday: Susan

Full of layered harmonies and jangly guitar, Susan feels like a soundtrack for a long scenic drive with all of the windows down.  Read more »

New Music Monday: Nire

A dancey track off the debut album from a Queens-born producer and DJ.  Read more »