The New Outdoors

All Land is Sacred: Jolie Varela on the Healing Power of Hiking

The Indigenous Women Hike is her “sacred fire.” 

Just Look Up: Are BIPOC Birding Communities Gaining Momentum?

From books to social media to IRL meetups, and now TV, BIPOC birders are using varied mediums to get their communities outside. Read more »

Sailing Old Seas: The Seafarers Yacht Club Has a Legacy as Old as the Ocean

Though boating seems to be a luxurious activity reserved solely for the rich, famous, and otherwise wealthy, there’s one group that has long fought this misunderstanding, specifically for Black people. Read more »

New Canon: A Roundtable about Travel Writing without the Other

Literature about traveling and adventure has a long history of evoking an Orientalist imaginary of Asia as perpetually exotic and dominable. Read more »

Skin Deep: The Racial Politics of Sunscreen

Sunscreen, its marketing, and its physical makeup is just another way that white people are prioritized in the outdoors industry. Read more »

Running Forward: The Feminist Underbelly of the Dogsledding World

Regardless of gender, we all look the same in heavy parkas and down jackets. Read more »

#SafeOutside: The Rise of a #MeToo Movement Outdoors

The fear of another person in the outdoors versus the fear of animals, weather conditions, or getting lost is something that is increasingly felt by women. Read more »

Redefining Limitations: Disabled Athletes Are Adaptive, Resilient, and Still Locked Out

Disability spans all other identities, but it remains a mostly untouched market for companies that cater to the outdoors industry. Read more »

Jennelle Eliana Is Changing the #VanLife Movement

I felt like my family and I could go anywhere in our van. White supremacy complicated that freedom, but it didn’t take it away completely. Read more »

Climbing Everest Isn’t a Bucket List Dream—It’s a Crisis of Overtourism

How much more life, both human and environmental, must be sacrificed to satiate the Western adventurer’s unending thirst to check another box on a bucket list? Read more »

A Softer Smokey: Fighting Fires Alongside Toxic Masculinity

Smokey is a symbol of the failure of our government to embrace progressive ideals and a more inclusive and open-minded ecological stance which would lead to more thoughtfully managed natural spaces. Read more »