Everything’s About Money and Love: Q&A with Mystery Author Laura Lippman

I’m a lifelong fan of bestselling mystery writer Laura Lippman, whose character Tess Monaghan stars in stories that are often critical of pop culture. Bitch last talked to Lippman—who’s on our National Advisory Board—to mark the release of her book I’d Know You Anywhere in 2010. Since then, she has called attention to the lack of media coverage of female writers and I figured it was high time to check in with Lippman, given the release of our Pulp issue. I talked to Lippman the day after she had turned in the manuscript for her new book, about a cop who loves TV.  I’m curious to know: you are obviously a writer and a reader of crime fiction but have you been a lifelong reader of crime fiction? And what are some of the first books you...

It Was a Dark and Snowy Night: How heroes became heroines in Nordic noir fiction

Illustration by Zejian Shen. Film noir used to be personified by the lone detective in a trench coat, chain smoking in rain-dotted lamplight. But 70 years after The Maltese Falcon flew into Tinseltown, that hero has been replaced. Now, standing in that same lamplight, smacking gum in the same misty... Read more »

Why Does TV Have So Many Older Lady Detectives?

There seem to be three accepted roles for women over 40 on TV: mother, wise sage, or ass-kicking crime-solver.  Yes, as soon as we put older women in central roles, we put them in, of all places, the police station. From the first major show starring two not-so-young women, ... Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Closing the Case

Well, it’s been a great eight weeks guest blogging here at Bitch about detectives and police work, but unfortunately it’s time to close the case. Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Partners and Sidekicks

While the archetypal hard-boiled detective might be a bit of a lone wolf, almost all detectives—especially on-screen detectives—need a partner, a team, or at least a sidekick. Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Detective Work Outside the System

Despite the dodgy politics of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Lisbeth Salander is an interesting character from a feminist perspective because she is a rare detective on the outside, with no faith in the system to produce a just result. Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Young Detectives

One of the reasons the detective genre is so beloved for so many of us, I think, is because we grow up on mysteries and detective stories. Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: The Tourist Detective, Colonial Legacies

Earlier this month, Christian Science Monitor published a list of “Top 7 Detective Series Set in Foreign Locales,” a selection which is meant to “keep you on the edge of your beach chair,” as they put it. Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Reality Calling

Since this series is about detective narratives in pop culture, this post was originally going to be about CSI. But at time of writing (Tuesday afternoon) everyone in our office in London came home early because of fears of another night of riots and looting, and so it’s just too... Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: The Thin Man

The Thin Man gave us one of the wittiest crime-solving wife-husband duos of all time, retired detective Nick Charles and his wife Nora (Myrna Loy*), who spit one-liners, soak up a tremendous amount of alcohol and stumble around solving crime. Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Surfing Mystery Writers and the Cop-Criminal Buddy Relationship

From Agatha Christie’s forgotten sporting accomplishments to male bonding between criminals and cops. Read more »