The Office

The Office and The Feminine Mystique

On the sitcom The Office, as in real life, middle class working mothers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They often face the choice of either compromising their career—working part-time or quitting altogether—or feeling like an absent mother. Men, on the other hand, are typically not held to the same standard. Rarely do employers worry whether their male employees will have children and scale back their working hours. Seldom do people worry whether men can “have it all.” The Office paints a fairly balanced portrait of what it means when a husband and wife clash over their careers and their families. In the evolving relationship of Pam and Jim in the American version of the series, the married coworkers are equally responsible for their marriage’s...

All-American Girls: Immigrant Parents and Generation Gaps in TV's New Girl and Ugly Betty

Onscreen, young women of color with immigrant parents are often far from traditional. Consider All-American Girl’s Margaret Kim (Margaret Cho), Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), The Office’s Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling), and Elementary’s Joan... Read more »

Sexism and the City

It’s rare to see TV show characters who actually have a job. As recent study showed that only half of prime-time speaking characters possess an “identifiable job.” When shows do depict women working,... Read more »

Thinking Kink: Safewords

In light of the Daniel Tosh firestorm this week, I probably don’t need to make the point that joking about sexual abuse is harmful, not funny. However, in the context of kink, a subculture that... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: My Funny Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday for TV shows, no matter if the characters are coupled or single, happy or miserable, or somewhere in between. The TNL lineup (and last week’s Parks and Rec) all tackled February 14, with mixed results. Here’s what worked, and what didn... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: New Year, New Lineup

So with the start of 2012 ushers in a new lineup on Thursday nights on NBC. With Community and Whitney replaced by 30 Rock and Up All Night, we have a comedy block in which three out of the four series are headlined by women, which is pretty awesome. So how did... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: Christmas Time is Here

It’s our final week with this lineup of NBC comedies, and each one rose to the challenge by providing enjoyable holiday-themed episodes. For the last time in 2011 (sniff), let’s get recapping. Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: End of the Lineup As We Know It

Take a look at the photo on the left. Starting in January, Jeff Winger will be replaced by Liz Lemon. No wonder he looks so dismayed in the picture! In case you haven’t heard, Community is being pulled off the schedule indefinitely (boo) and being replaced by 30 Rock (... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: Save Community!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Community is being taken off NBC’s schedule indefinitely as of January. So I’ve decided to use this week’s episode to talk about why this series, as beloved by the Internet as it ignored by Nieslen families, deserves to... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: Coalition of the Willing

On the surface, there is nothing connecting the four episodes that aired on NBC this week. Annie’s friends helped her move, and tweeted about it. Ben and Leslie’s attempt to stay friends had them waging war on each other at a Model UN. And Dwight sexually harrassed Jim. Does it matter... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: End of the World

This week, I’m going to focus on this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation. The Rapture-inspired plot not only yielded a lot of wackiness (long live Zorp!) but also some interesting character introspection. Read more »