On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: White House Shares Doctored Video

The footage was taken from Infowars no less.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Twitter Radicalized a Domestic Terrorist

This is not the first time Twitter has failed to respond to users advocating violent extremism. Read more »

The Long Goodbye: Oprah's Last Shows

Oprah’s very last episode was a love letter to her fans; just her on her stage talking to us, her viewers. Much of it was retread: of her rise to unprecedented success and fame, and of the life lessons Oprah has... Read more »

The Long Goodbye: Oprah's Mark on Pop Culture

    This week, after 25 years on the air, we say goodbye to the Oprah Winfrey Show, a juggernaut that has shaped the popular culture landscape perhaps more than anything else on TV.     Read more »

The Long Goodbye: Oprah's Final Weigh-in on Weight

I expected at least one voice representing fat acceptance to be present during this final OWS episode on weight. But it wasn’t. Which makes the whole freaking public journey seem for naught. Read more »

Celebrating Fifty Years Since the Freedom Rides on Television

“I wouldn’t be sitting here if it wasn’t for your courage,” Oprah said “but I am frustrated, I am disappointed, and at times angry that the history does not get carried forth.” Oprah was speaking about the Freedom Rides, a months-long Civil Rights demonstration in 1961 organized by... Read more »

The Long Goodbye: Oprah on Master Class

When considering this series’ central question about Oprah: Why does she get under so many people’s skin? It comes down to the narrative. Read more »

The Long Goodbye: (Sung in the tune of Peter Tosh) Veganize it!

Oprah has made clear throughout this season that because it's the last, she only wants to cover topics and guests of real significance to her—I applaud her for using her platform to raise awareness about the benefits of a vegan diet. That being said, this episode was a real mixed bag. Read more »

No Kidding: Barbara and Oprah Admit it Ain't Always Easy

Oprah and Babs talk about how tough it is to have kids as a working woman—or in Oprah’s case, the unambiguous lack of regret in regards to opting out. Skip to 7:30 in the video, where the discussion about having kids starts. Transcript after the jump. Read more »

The Long Goodbye: Oprah at Her Best

Oprah meets the half-sister she recently discovered and produces a classy, deeply moving and fascinating story about family secrets, shame, and depth of character. This was truly Oprah at her best. Read more »

The Long Goodbye: Oprah Showers Australia with Diamonds and Pearls

Oprah seems to seek constant validation—in Australia she surprises a pregnant mom super fan and says, "It's me! It's me! It's Oprah!" to the shocked woman—and creates frequent situations that allow her to have those validating moments, which she then broadcasts to millions of people. You know, the... Read more »