Private Eye: Inside Cammie Toloui's "5 Dollars For 3 Minutes"

Toloui’s photos turn the peep show around on its audience.

New Gazes: Digital Photography Groups Bring Women of Color Into Focus

Women photographers no longer have to rely solely on mainstream acknowledgment of their work. Read more »

How Do You Feel When You See Yourself in a Photo?

For over 20 years, artist Jennifer Bermon has been getting women to look at themselves.  Read more »

How Can We Talk About Surviving a Suicide Attempt?

On World Suicide Prevention Day, we're highlighting New York-based photographer Dese’Rae L. Stage's project “Live Through This”—it collects portraits and stories of suicide attempt survivors. She sees “Live Through This” as a mantra for those who have survived suicide... Read more »

Artist Ramiro Gomez Paints Invisible Workers into Wealthy Homes

The scene is familiar to any fancy home design magazine reader: the perfectly appointed living space full of gleaming surfaces, fluffed up pillows, artfully arranged flowers next to tasteful objets d’art. But painted in to this pristine domestic landscape is the woman who is actually... Read more »

Wide Stance: Marianne Wex's timeless exploration of gender and space.

We've all seen it. The guy on the subway or bus who reclines into his seat and luxuriously spreads his legs as if no one else were there. In fact, there's a woman on either side of him, and both of them twist and tuck their legs away, bunch their handbags into their laps, squeeze their arms... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: This Is What Disability Looks Like

I have been told by some I am creating inspirational porn in a different form by showing images that are too queer, too sexuality provocative, and too fabulous—but I am sharing what people are sending me. Read more »

Sm{art}: #1 Must Have: Queer Photo Zine

 If you are looking for a new queer photo zine to brighten up your day, look no further than #1 Must Have. Just on its second issue, this new Seattle-based zine captures queer folks through “visibility, celebrating diverse queer people... Read more »

Sm{art}: Translady Fanzine

Translady Fanzine is a fine art photographic periodical, that in its first issue, features high-gloss portraits of video and performance artist Zackary Drucker. Amos... Read more »