In the Frame: The Exhibition's Over, Time to Review

I can’t believe it’s the end of my guest blog series already. Looking at he theme of art and feminism has raised loads of questions and also given lots of answers. We’ve explored artists who use hair and those who’ve experienced domestic violence, the woman who got a vaginal... Read more »

In The Frame: Life, Death, and Other Lessons Learned from Art

For me, art isn’t just about finding something pretty or intelligent, or wishing I could paint as well as someone else. It’s about looking at a piece and knowing that it’s taught you something and you feel better for having seen it. You understand the world a little better... Read more »

In the Frame: Female Photographers Telling Stories

There are loads of photographers who take the body as their subject matter—hey, it’s nothing new. But the women in this post made a point of portraying the body as something to be celebrated and combined with fashion, sociological thinking, or mythology. It’s so much more than just... Read more »

In The Frame: An Interview with The Girls

Together, Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair are known as The Girls—an artistic partnership that has revolved around intense tableaux self-portraits, live performances, videos and installations. Along with exhibiting regularly in the UK, they... Read more »

In The Frame: Nan Goldin, "One Month After Being Battered"

“There is no separation between me and what I photograph,” said the artist Nan Goldin. This has never been truer than with the self-portrait that captures her injuries caused by an abusive boyfriend. Domestic violence is never an easy subject to talk about, but this image speaks volumes. Read more »

In The Frame: Ingrid Berthon-Moine: Lipstick and Looking Twice

I know I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog looking at subtle forms of feminist art, but it’s only fair to consider the more direct approaches, especially when they’re as thought-provoking as Red Is The Colour. Be prepared to embrace menarchy, or menstrual anarchy… Read more »

In The Frame: Francesca Woodman's Self-Portrait Legacy

Her artistic career may have been short—she was taking photos for only nine years of her life—but Francesca Woodman left behind over 800 images when she died in 1981. She commands enough attention, 30 years after her death... Read more »

Sm{art}: Lorna Simpson

Brooklyn-based artist Lorna Simpson produces visual works that both isolate and confront conventional views on identity, ethnicity, and history. A majority of her recent... Read more »

Sm{art}: Sophia Wallace: Not Your Typical Fashion Shoot

Sophia Wallace is a photographer living and working in New York City. Wallace uses photography and portraiture to challenge normative assumptions about gender, race, and heteronormativity. I could probably write a blog post on each of her series, the photographs are so striking. Instead, I’ll... Read more »

Sm{art}: A Girl and Her Room

Susan 15 #1, Shatila Refugee Camp Beirut, 2010 Rania Matar is a Lebanese-born photographer who currently lives and and teaches in Massachusetts. In a recent interview she said, “I was 11 when... Read more »