On Our Radar: Gendered Toys, Superheros, and Katy Perry

Oh my—yet another week of F-bombs, pink shit, and sexism.  Here’s a roundup of nine of the best posts the Internet had to offer this week.  A rad 13-year-old named McKenna Pope called out Hasbro for its blatant girls-only marketing of the famed Easy Bake Oven.  This piece is... Read more »

Ladies! Liquor! Ladies and Liquor!

  Welcome to Lady Liquor, where, for the next two months, I’ll be writing about the relationship between, well, ladies and liquor. Primarily. I’m interested in the ways women’s attitudes about drinking – and society’s attitudes about women who drink – have... Read more »

That Christina Aguilera "Fat Girl" Quote Was Fake. What Happened?

If there’s one thing the Internet loves, it’s cat videos. If there’s a second thing the Internet loves though, it’s when someone is mad as hell and isn... Read more »

Katy Perry is Billboard's Woman of the Year... But Who is RetroPop's Woman of All the Years?

Mazel tov, Katy Perry, for being named Billboard’s Woman of the Year for 2012. But for RetroPop purposes, who is the Woman of ALL THE YEARS? Read more »

RetroPop: Britney Spears and Virginia Woolf

What do the secret lives of Britney Spears and Virginia Woolf have in common? More than you think. Read more »

RetroPop: On the Manhunt with Rihanna's "Where Have You Been?" and Agatha Christie's Miss Marple

Hi there everyone and welcome to another installment of RetroPop, the guest blog in which I provide mashups of thematically similar female-performed Billboard charting radio tunes and great feminist works from the past and say, “WOW, you’re both making some nifty and sorta related social... Read more »

RetroPop: Jolting "Wide Awake" With Katy Perry, Maya Angelou, and Sylvia Plath

Today, the mash-ups that came to mind—Katy Perry, Maya Angelou, and Sylvia Plath—are a tiny smidge more controversial than usual, but all I mean to do is share some works that I believe have echoes of each other and start a discussion. Just a bit of a Tuesday shakeup. Are you ready for some... Read more »

BitchTapes: Fictional Bands

Fictional Band Fun! from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio   This week on BitchTapes I would like to honor those fictional bands that never get any recognition... Read more »

Thinking Kink: The Right to Play With Race

Last post I looked at those for whom playing with racialized imagery in kink is too close to the bone. Today I’m turning my attention to the the black artists and performers who refused to be silenced in their desire to push boundaries. Read more »

Thinking Kink: Playing With Race in BDSM

As with the issue of female sexual submission, racial imagery in a BDSM context is an issue apt to cause heated debates, so I want to include both sides of the argument. Today, I’ll examine the objections to the use of racialized imagery in kink, and in my next post I’ll look at the... Read more »